10 Habits that Will Make You Successful

Your successful acquaintances seem to have everything delivered on a silver platter, while you’re making ends meet. Stop nagging. Success is attainable. Even though there is no proven recipe, achievers do share some common strategies that helped them change their life. Check out 10 habits of successful people.

1. Read Many Books

Reading gives you an insight into the success of others and makes you learn from their mistakes. It provides a mental map to survive silly mistakes that novices make when pursuing their vocation. For instance, Mark Cuban devotes three hours a day to reading, while Bill Gates reads for one hour during his bedtime routine.

2. Arrange Lessons Learned for Future Usage

When reading an influential book, you highlight many quotations and unintentionally forget about them. Don’t fret, Ryan Holiday and Robert Green know how to organize and maintain information. Google it to find out more.

3. Wake up Early

Be an early riser. Try using these techniques to make yourself get up:

  • Get an annoying alarm clock, such as a Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels.
  • Do not press the snooze button. Going back to sleep for 10 more minutes will only make you feel less energetic.
  • Avoid screen or light before going to bed, as it causes the disturbed sleep.
  • Plan your day beforehand. The first activity should be exciting enough to make you leave your comfort zone.

4. Don’t be a Couch Potato

Exercising keeps your body and your brain fit, prevents stress, and positively influences your memory abilities. Furthermore, physical activities improve productivity and creativity.

5. Train the Muse

Next time you are not in the mood for working, keep calm and force yourself to work for just 15 minutes. Usually, it is enough to tune in to the working process.

6. Get some Relaxation

Meditation relieves pain, minimizes depression, improves your concentration, and prevents you from getting overloaded. Develop a habit of focusing on your breath for three-five minutes. If thoughts keep bothering you, try chanting cheerful songs.

7. Check your Mail Twice a Day

In the book The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris suggests checking email twice a day. It’ll minimize distractions and increase your overall productivity.

8. Volunteer

Tom Corley, who wrote Wealthy Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, stresses that approximately 70% of the 233 affluent people, he researched for five years, devote about five hours a month to volunteering.

If you aren’t wealthy, you can contribute to a local soup kitchen or a nursing home. Give back, and your efforts will be paid off.

9. Make some Efforts

Serena Williams gets up at six a.m. for her morning tennis practice, and she has been doing it since her childhood. So, in the beginning, you have to work your fingers to the bone to pave your way for your future success.

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10. Keep Going!

Buy a big calendar and a highlighter, then mark “X” on each day you do something to achieve your goal. In some time, you’ll see a long chain that indicates your progress. It’ll motivate you to keep up the pace.

Incorporate these habits into your daily routine gradually. Don’t try to apply all of them at once. If you manage to find motivation to stick to them, your success will be just around the corner.


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