11 tips to get A’s in College

We all know that grades are everything in college. Everyone says that you have to study hard to have A’s. However, grades are not just about studying hard. That’s why we decided to put up a list of super useful tips on how to get grades that you want!

1.It is not high school anymore! Remember, in college, you are the only one who is interested in your success. Put yourself together and step in your game!

2.You are unique. Picking right courses is the most important part of the college experience. Do not stick to the standard freshmen program. Check all available courses carefully and pick the ones that you need or want to study.

3.The more is not the better. One might tell that it is better to take as many classes and hours as possible. However, that is far from being true. More classes – more problems. We would recommend you to have four or five courses per semester. Also, concentrate on 1 major (remember, each major has around 10-12 required courses to deal with).

4.Schedule! It is hard to keep up in pace with a college life. Get a calendar and put all the important details, like deadlines, important things, etc., and keep that calendar at your sight. Also, make sure you are still “charged” towards the end of a semester to complete important assignments. Do not get stressed out, sleep enough, and eat well!

5.Attend classes and take notes! Try to attend to classes not to miss any important information and improve your GPA. Also, make sure to take as much notes during classes as possible – you will thank yourself for it later!

6.The 1st try! Try to complete all assignment well from the 1st try and do not overuse the extension and redo options as it is not the best option.

7.Timing! Dedicate at least one hour to prepare for each class – no cell phones, Facebook, Twitter or movies: just you and your books.

8.Test before the test. Prepare a list of questions that might be on your test and check if you can answer them without any notes and helping. Remember: you are already successful because you are in college!

9.Do not be that guy! Do not use Wikipedia for your research papers as mostly, information from  Wiki is not what your professor would want to see.

10.Keep in touch with the prof! Keep in touch with your professors by e-mails, Facebook, or live meetings and ask all questions that you have – who else would give you all answers if not your prof J

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11.Take the advantage of opportunities! Use any opportunity to increase your grade and learn more. Also, study-mates are there for you! Join a group of students to discuss and prepare for classes that you are not feeling confident about as the best way to increase your grade.

Remember, you can do everything that other people do and even better!


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