11 Tricks to Be Organized

For some reason, attitudes to life in college differ, depending on each person. I really enjoyed my college years. Maybe this this happened because I followed a couple of useful tips which helped me stay organized and effective. I decided to share them with you in hope they will help you change your lifestyle in order to get the most out of your college studying the way I did.

1. Be motivated. You must have a clearly envision the aims that you`re going to reach in college. Make a list of them and put it on the wall to have a prompt of what you are studying for. Whenever you’ll go through rough times, it will help to maintain your motivation not to give up.

2. Use planner apps. Download apps on your phone and organize your life at once! Use only one app – keeping all your plans in one source will save your time. There is a million-to-one chance you`ll forget your phone at home, therefore planner app will be always with you, so you can make any corrections in your schedule during the day. Use it for planning your daily routine business, studying schedule, and long-term assignments. Fix all the deadlines there too! With it, you can also determine your most productive time. In addition, I suggest using a white board to make immediate reminders.

3. Stick to your plans. Get used to the rule: if you write something down, get it done. You will be delighted after doing all the planned staff.

4. Manage your sleep. Don`t let yourself feel fatigued after oversleeping – wake up every day at the same time! In addition, don`t forget to make your bed when you get up – there will be no temptation to continue sleeping.

5. Plan your outfit beforehand. Having an idea of what you are going to put on in the evening will save much time in the morning.

6. Cleaning policy. Follow this rule “If you take it out, put it back”. This is the easiest way to keep your room clean. It refers to your desk, bed, floor, backpack, and wardrobe.

7. Work and relax in different areas. One nurse said to me: bed should be for the three S’s: sleep, sickness, and sex – not work. Reserve your room or bed for relaxation or entertainment, if you have to work, go to the library.

8. Try the 8/8/8 to make your life balanced. A precious advice of the same nurse. Sleep for eight hours a day, spend eight working, and eight hours for other spheres of life – friends, family, hobbies.

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9. Manage your PC. Starting from mail – make filters and tags in it. Use selfcontrol apps to limit time spent on websites. Use a hard drive to avoid losing your work, if the computer crashes. Disconnect from the internet for a few hours a day.

10. Bring stationery for each of your classes. Be a prepared student. Don`t forget to put folders, binders, notebooks, and pencils into your backpack.

11. Connect yourself to spirituality. Mental health is very important, so take care of yourself by practicing meditation, attending yoga classes. This will help you stay balanced, relaxed, and concentrated

These tips will help you be satisfied with your life and feel happy. Go easy on yourself. You are on your way to perfection, so in case you make some mistakes, don`t give up. Your trying matters a lot.


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