4 Easy Steps to Job Search Success

If you are seeking for a job, here is some advice how to actually get a job that you may find useful. Be open to what you explore, but be realistic about your expectations.
Before you start, make a list of your skills, find out which industries need them most and you will know industries that will benefit from having you around.

Step 1: Build Your Qualifications

1. Change your way of thinking. Everything you say on the job interview should be preceded by the statement "It will help your business succeed."
2. Create a list of skills you would like to learn. It will show how you intend to become a better worker. For example:
• Handling lots of information
• Computer literacy
• Strong interpersonal skills and effective communication

Step 2: Prepare Your Homework

1. Be prepared for a behavioral interview. You will be given a hypothetical situation and asked what you would do, or you might be asked to describe a problem you have encountered in your previous work.
2. Do some research. Do not just do an Internet search, research the company you wish to work for. Become familiar with the company’s history.

Step 3: Do It

1. Do informational interviews having a lot of questions prepared without the expectation of getting a job. It’s a great way to find out tips and tricks from professionals and expand your list of contacts.
2. Create your Network. It can get your foot in the door.
3. Start volunteering on something you are passionate about. It will also help you gain references.
• Since many companies prefer to hire from within, internships are great way to get your foot in the door. If you put in hard work and show your ability to solve problems, your value to the company will significantly increase.
• Cold calls. Make a list of persons who can help you (like HR managers) at companies or organizations you are interested in. Then, call them and ask if they are hiring. Even if they are not, you can send your CV indicating the position that you want to apply.
• Do some reflection after each call.
• People hire people. So it is recommended to visit the company in person.

Step 4: Adjust Your Mentality

1. Change your way of thinking. Demonstrate your desire and ability to help. Show that you are here to do the work needed to be done. It will make a good impression.
2. Be ready to settle down. Companies do not want to hire a nomad with who likes to relocate.
3. Start from the bottom up approach. Try to see how a job can tweak the way you present your experiences and skills.

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To summarize, make up your mind, do some research, don’t be afraid to improvise, and you will definitely find your dream job.


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