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Cambridge is often seen as a uniquely elitist educational institution. Young people think that getting in is so hard, it’s no use applying. After all, you have to go through numerous interviews, answer additional questionnaires, submit essays and wait forever for a response. The truth is the process is much simpler than that. It is aimed at finding out whether you are capable and passionate enough to keep up with academic demands.

There’s no foolproof way to behave in order to get accepted. The best recommendation would be to come prepared and present you very best self. It also doesn’t hurt to learn a little about how the process goes.

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1.Application process starts with UCAS, just like with any other university, though the Cambridge deadline is actually October 15, which precedes the general one. There’s no special reason for it. Scheduling interviews takes a lot of time, after all. A personal statement is a cornerstone of your application as it allows you to reveal your best qualities, so don’t forget to include information about your academics and interests!

2.After including Cambridge in your UCAS form, you will need to answer several additional questions online. They’ll mostly concern UMC marks and such. Some subjects require an example of your writing. Take it as a chance to impress! You don’t have to write anything new specifically for the application. Many people just choose an especially well-turned essay from their recent coursework. Just remember to reread it before submitting!

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3.Many Cambridge Colleges request applicants to pass additional written tests. It’s not a pop-quiz; all this information is available on the official website well in advance. You don’t need to learn new things to pass. Colleges are more interested in your thoughts.

4.In January, the results will be made available. Ultimate success or failure are not the only outcomes. Some people join the candidate ‘pool’ and still have a chance of receiving a belated offer.

One thing many applicants are irrationally scared of is the interviews. Sure, they might not be anyone’s idea of fun, but no one is out to get you. Professors dedicate their lives to research and academia and they naturally want to make certain that their students are just as enthusiastic. Just join the conversation openly and good-naturedly and talk about your subjects. Each student is interviewed a minimum of two times. The interviews rarely last longer than 30 minutes and afterwards you’re free to explore the university grounds and relax.

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Many companies offer the so called ‘prep services’, promising to help you get a place. Cambridge Admissions Office reiterates that these people are either misguided or scammers and advises you to avoid getting involved with them and spending money on any materials.


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