5 Simple Ways to Make Friends in College

Starting a new “mini-adult” life provides you with many opportunities. In particular, you decide on what to spend your monthly budget and you organize your free time as you like. At the same time, it adds many obligations: you choose what and where to eat, you care about your clothes and stuff cleanliness, you manage your money and often need new ideas to earn more. Besides, you should organize your studying well to achieve the anticipated results. Of course, it is easier to go through all these new changes with the support of your close friends. So, do not drag out to use the tips mentioned below. Good luck!

Be Conversation-Opened

Force yourself to pay more attention each day to the people around you. Do not be tired to ask questions. Forget about sticking to your telephone during breaks. Remember to smile, hug, take pleasure from life, and help the guys around you as they are your potential friends.

Talk during Classes

If you are shy, it can be a little hard to start a conversation with someone you do not know, but it would seem really impolite if you keep silence with someone who sits near you in the class. Do not miss your chance to make a great impression. Ask what his/her major is, how he/she has got accustomed to the new routine or what kind of problems he/she faces.

Be Active

Do not search for a company to get involved in the campus activities and clubs you like. You will find friends there. It is the ideal place to get acquainted with someone as there are people passionate about the same things as you are. Consequently, you do not have to search for something you have in common because it is what has led you to the club.

Hang Out

Hang out in all possible places in your college: halls, parks, canteens, parties or a swimming pool. It is not a problem if you are alone. On the contrary, it ruins the barriers to be refused because, when you are alone in a place of the great resort, it seems that you are open to a new friend.

Facebook Your Friend

The last tip is for extremely shy guys. If you still cannot overcome yourself and start talking to strangers, then Facebook can become your rescue. Just find folks from your campus online and start chatting. It would ease face-to-face communication.

Life in college differs from school life. The classes are huge and people who attend them are always different. You will not have a person to stick to and spend each minute together, like the bosom friend you had at school, because the schedules are individual. To get rid of the feeling of being lonely and abandoned by everyone, remember to be polite, smiling, open, and honest with your colleagues. You will see the results very soon. Hold the situation in your hands.


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