5 Tips to Improve Your Skills in Business Writing

Many people think that business writing is too easy. However, inaccuracies, misused words, and misspellings complicate the quality of business correspondence. Here you can find five main tips for proper business writing.

Know Your Audience

A lot of unnecessary and irrelevant information makes our writing inappropriate and meaningless.

First, the direction sense depends on the purpose of your writing. Moreover, every type of writing needs specific format, vocabulary use, tone, and style. Subsequently, their compliance will help you to reach your target audience.

Focus on Style and Content

Each piece of writing should be organized according to its essential rules and features.
Simple language. To achieve a better result in business writing, you should use active voice, avoid adjectives, and choose commonly-known words. Additionally, avoid "hidden verbs" for easier perception.

Brevity and conciseness. You should remember that your recipients have little time for reading, so business writing should be informative and concise. Hence, you have to stick to the matter of your subject, concentrate only on facts, and avoid ambiguity, adverbs, adjectives, and long words.

Facts and opinion should be divided. The reader has to see clearly, where your own thoughts and the real facts are.

Adhering to clear goals. When preparing your business report, you should write only according to your purpose and never divert from it.

Wise Formatting will Help You

Right formatting helps to see the most important factors immediately. Moreover, you can use bullet points, headlines, numbers, italics, different color, etc. for achieving a better result. However, do not get overly fond of excessive formatting in any type of writing.

Be Extremely Careful in Checking

Your final product needs sufficient checking. You have to review the report or business proposal numerous times, and, when needed, meticulously edit it. You should avoid typographical, grammatical, and syntactical errors when reading it. Besides, you might ask somebody for help to check the writing or use the online spellchecker available to you.

Be Aware of Perspective and Attitude

This business writing aspect is rarely emphasized. You should know more about your audience but not only about what they want. It is equally important to be interested in the different layers of meaning of your writing. Sentence structure, word choice as well as your own expressions, viewpoints, and real attitude towards what are you writing about make your piece of writing more convincing and successful. The “You”-attitude has a positive impact on readers’ respect; the reader should be the focal point, thus you may get his/her interest and attention. Moreover, the “You”-attitude directs readers’ minds towards your needs and ensures a feel-good atmosphere.

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Some people think that compliance with all these points is too difficult. However, these directions help to improve your skills of business writing and greatly simplify the achievement of the main purpose.


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