9 Types of Research Papers

These three factors define the type of paper that a student writes:

  • Research paper topic
  • Methodology of research
  • Ways of analyzing the data

The type of research paper determines the way you will write your paper. It helps the author understand the direction of his/her work and stick to it. Let us take a closer look at nine types of research papers.

1) Argumentative. This type of research paper usually has two points of view. The author takes one side and presents certain arguments to support his/her opinion. The main requirement is that arguments must be convincing.

2) Persuasive. It allows the author to influence the readers and make them agree with his/her opinion. The author must persuade the audience that his/her opinion is right. This kind of essay does not imply asking questions because it should already have all the answers.

3) Informative. Its goal is to discover new information on a selected topic. Authors working at informative research papers should find as much info as they can. The more sources you use in your essay, the better grade you will get.

4) Analytical. This is a subtype of an informative research paper, but unlike the latter, the author should conduct an analysis of the presented data in a critical unbiased form.

5) Definition. This type of paper should provide the definition or basic information on the topic. Data should be presented in an impartial way, and it should be free from any emotions.

6) Compare and contrast. In this type of essay, the author should select two or more issues and contrast them. Simple description is not enough; data should be compared in details so that the readers can have a better understand of the compared issues. Compare and contrast essays are often written on historical events, figures, literature characters, etc.

7) Cause and effect. These are no ordinary essays, as they research the causes, results, and effects of some events and activities. For instance, it is interesting to investigate the life of a renowned public figure and see how this person affected the world.

8) Reports. It is considered to be the easiest essay to write, but one should also apply some skill and craft to complete it in a proper way. Reports describe the author’s experience of a certain event or process (report about a conference, a seminar, etc.)

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9) Interpretive. As the title of this type of the essay suggests, the author should interpret the selected topic. For instance, one can be asked to explain the phenomenon of Doctor Strange from the Marvel series. And how would you interpret it?

No matter what type of essay you are supposed to write, try to apply your skills and creativity to get the best results!


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