Application for Admission at the College of Nursing

Nursing career is a challenging and demanding one. It requires from a person to be fully devoted to the job as it demands responsibility for the health, well-being, and life of every person in the community. Personally, I enjoy helping people and bettering their lives. In my opinion, I would be happy only when having a rewarding job, especially in the field of medicine. Despite the fact that there are other rewarding occupations that include helping others, I consider nursing to be the only one field that will grant me the opportunity to treat others and use my gift of compassion and care. Only when becoming a nurse I would be able to care both for the physical and mental state of people. I consider myself to be an emphatic and a people person, and therefore I would use my skills to the best. Every person requires an individual approach when coping with some life difficulties. When being a doctor or a nurse, it is not enough to be an experienced professional in the field but also to be a kind person not indifferent to spiritual needs, which is the ability I am endowed with.

Being involved in volunteering in the oncology unit in one of the local hospitals, I have a perfect opportunity to familiarize myself with all peculiarities and difficulties of nursing profession. I came to realize that nurses are crucial when dealing with patients and that they play a truly significant role in medicine. I enjoy providing care for those who need it, so volunteering has been the most enriching experience for me.

After my graduation from the College of Nursing, I plan to become a registered nurse and further continue obtaining education to become a nurse practitioner. This profession will enable me to contribute to the improvement of the society as well as sharing my knowledge, skills, wisdom, and the gift of caring to others. Despite the fact that I could work well in different kinds of nurse settings, I am opting for work either with children or the elderly. I will feel most rewarded when I am able to help those who cannot care for themselves.


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