Best Tips on Saving Money in College

Constant shortage of money in college is every student’s problem. Sometimes, care packages from home can save your life for a couple of days. But it is not enjoyable to watch the balance on your bank account getting smaller. That is why you need to learn how to save your money and survive when you are a student.

Saving money and being cool are not incompatible.

In college (especially when you live on campus), there is a lot of sweet temptations for students. There are many ways to entertain yourself. But soon you realize that you are out of cash. To avoid such things, you need to learn how to have fun not denying yourself college life luxuries.

Anyway, you will spend a great sum of money on books and stuff for tuition, furniture, clothing, different fees, and other necessities. The rest of the money is for food and entertainment. Still, you can economize on these things more than you think.

College expenses

These things you cannot avoid. That is why:

Buy used textbooks instead of new ones. The outrageous price can be cut in half.

Sell your own textbooks. This way, you’ll have a double advantage.

Seek scholarships and grants whenever possible. They will cover some of your college expenses.

Food expenses

They take a lion’s share of your college finances. But even here you can save your money.

Try to work out your own food budget (weekly or monthly).

Use your meal plan on campus if you pay for it.

Do not squander your money for eating out in restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Eliminate daily treats like coffee and other drinks, especially alcoholic ones.

Be careful with debts.

Some students cannot imagine their lives without credit cards. Even though they provide a slight safety, try to use them only in an emergency.

Pay for everything on time and always keep a low credit limit. If something is not in a high necessity, it’s better not to buy it at all.

Try to save money every time you have to buy something or pay for the necessary services. Some of these tips can be useful even after college. Keep a record of your daily expenses. In that case, you will always remember your bank balance and know for sure whether you can afford something or not.


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