Brief Information about the Top 10 Universities

This article contains succinct information about the world’s best universities of the year 2016 according to the survey published in the British newspaper Times Higher Education.

California Institute of Technology

This university was declared the best in the world of the year 2016. Despite the fact that it is considered to be a rather small university (it has approximately 1,000 students and about 1,200 graduates), its famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory is considered to be the one that operates different unmanned space vehicles created for NASA.

University of Oxford

The main areas of academic interest are mathematics, physics, humanitarian disciplines, medicine, and social sciences. What is even more important, scientists of the University of Oxford made a number of discoveries in the area of cosmology. In particular, they studied and developed the theories of the emergence of universe, researched the trajectory of galaxies motion, and conducted studies relating to Mars.

Stanford University

The university is best known for its innovations and discoveries in the high-tech industry. It is not only an educational establishment but also a real giant of the network technologies industry and the greatest research and development center. Another interesting fact is that it is the birthplace of such renowned companies as Apple, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, and Xerox.

University of Cambridge

The university is ranked fourth and it’s mainly due to accomplishments in medicine and science. This university gave the world the biggest number of Nobel Prize winners (to be precise, 88 graduates got this prestigious award). Among the winners, the biggest number worked in the field of physics, medicine, chemistry, economics, and literature. One winner was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Besides, such worldwide known scientists as Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton also studied here.

Harvard University

The university’s graduates are prominent politicians, businessmen, coaches, and public speakers. Such US Presidents as John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama studied here as well.

University of Chicago

This educational establishment has 113 research centers and 12 research institutes. Besides, the university boasts of its key role in many significant discoveries. In particular, scientists have conducted the nuclear chain reaction, which was the first to be done in the whole world. Moreover, at this educational center, genetic predisposition to human cancer has been proven. Most importantly, 89 winners of the Nobel Prize either studied or worked here.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is the place where in-depth research in the fields of mathematics, economics, information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence was initiated. The widely known research centers – the Lincoln Laboratory and the Cambridge Electron Accelerator Laboratory – are located here.

Imperial College London

This educational institution was ranked the eighth on the list. It is widely known and accepted worldwide for its medical and engineering specialties. The Imperial College London Alumni Association include 15 winners of the Nobel Prize among whom are Dennis Gabor, the inventor of holography, and Sir Alexander Fleming, the inventor of penicillin.

ETH Zürich

The Institute of Technology was ranked the ninth in the list of top 10 universities. The university is prominent for its academic programs and scientific breakthroughs in the areas of technology, engineering, natural science, and mathematics. Albert Einstein is one of the most famous graduates of the institute, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921.

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Princeton University

It was a Princeton graduate Daniel Tsui who first discovered the fractional quantum hall effect. Afterwards, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery. John Nash made a breakthrough in the theory of games, which was the first step in developing a separate branch of experimental economics.

It is evident that these ten educational establishments truly deserve to be on the list of top world’s universities.


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