Cheap Flights to Hawaii – Yes, It Is for Real =)

Is there anyone who does not dream about going to Hawaii and having the most amazing time of their lives there? I guess, no. Hawaii means luxury, relaxation, and fun, but the airfare to this paradise is notorious for being excessively expensive. So, it is one of the major reasons Hawaii remains just a fancy place for many people. The expensive airfare is connected with the state's popularity and the geographical location of the destination.

Nonetheless, there are much cheaper flights to Hawaii than you are aware of. It is possible to get there cheaper if you can be flexible about the time of flight and pack ASAP. You will also need some patience both to compare the flight prices and to wait for the right one.


Remember that going cheap to Hawaii means definitely going during the off-peak travel season. Schedule your trip when the fares are generally lower, namely from October to February. Do not worry: it is still warm there even in January. However, we do not recommend flying in the period of such significant holidays as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year as far as the airfares tend to skyrocket at that time due to high demand since many people go home for holidays.


The next tip to get cheap flight is to travel midweek. Yes, you can stay for the weekend and enjoy the best of Hawaii but make sure your departure will also be midweek. Midweek means Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday since Mondays and Fridays are busier and more expensive. Furthermore, booking time also matters. If you are brave enough to stay awake and book the ticket at, say, 3 a.m., you will be lucky for lower-priced ticket options.


Do not hesitate and start to compare the prices. It is not a waste of time but saving of money. To save your time as well, use cost-comparison websites. I usually use Fare Finder and Bing. Kayak can also be helpful.


Be wise and save all your frequent flier miles to this trip. If you are really determined to go to Hawaii, keep all the flier miles – they will help you with the price. Don’t waste them for the continental trips in the United States. Yes, this resembles the whole strategy, but Hawaiian holidays are definitely worth it!

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Do not forget to book the hotel and the chosen flight together. It is important as far as recently there has been a considerable decrease in hotel occupancy, so the bundles uniting airfare and nice accommodation offers are quite frequently observed. This approach not only reduces costs necessary for residence but also provides you with confidence that you will not need to worry about dwelling once you arrive.

Be sure to dedicate to the process of planning your trip enough time and you will see that an affordable trip to Hawaii is just an issue of a smart strategy and time management ;)


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