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Cloning Issues – Who is Right?

Argumentative Speech

The process of cloning a human being involves creating completely the same copy of that human. It is not about reproducing separate parts of human body, cloning certain cells, or tissues. Since the birth of the theory, there have been both proponents and opponents of cloning. Despite unbelievable difficulty of the operation, most arguments referred to the ethical part of the question. Thus, what is cloning? Should it be allowed everywhere or strictly prohibited?

Arguments on Cloning

Negative Moments of Human Cloning

It is argued that the whole process of cloning completely contradicts such notions as marriage as well as parenthood. There are already a few really problematic issues nowadays that influence Christian culture (contraception, extramarital sex, divorce, vitro fertilization etc.). Cloning can become another, even more serious, problem with irreparable consequences – decay of parental love.

If cloning is purely a technological process, therefore, the results of the process must be treated as objects. Even a thought that people can be treated as commodities seems immoral and unbearable. A child will get into the environment, where nobody treats it as a personality, but rather as a simple thing, without any respect.

Moreover, cloning is an unbelievably dangerous process. Until now, there has only been one successful attempt of reproducing a sheep. Do you know how many failures happened before the successful attempt? For you to know – 276. When an embryo (an object of cloning) fails to be reproduced, it is usually killed. And what is embryo? It is a not-born person. Considering this, it is obvious that cloning will damage humans’ morality.

People are born to reproduce themselves. It is their main instinct and for some even the sense of life. What can happen if there is no more sense to live; if your main objective is not relevant anymore? As cloning is a purely artificial process, it completely contradicts the sense of human being.

People should not play God’s role. It is only He, who created us. The main human feeling – love – can be violated if cloning is allowed. As far as you know, God is love, so, logically, the process of cloning contradicts the existence of God. No religion in the world appreciates this, because nobody allowed people to pretend to be gods.

Positive Aspects of Human Cloning

Despite all the arguments against the process of cloning, there are still people who act for this practice. They see here no unethical or violated moments and state that cloning should be used to help fight against infertility as well as genetic diseases. People, who suffer from inability to produce descendants, can benefit greatly with the help of cloning. The advocates of the process also state that it does not matter how the child is born, but rather how it is treated after the birth. Cloning is thought to meet people’s desire of reproduction, so, there is no need of preventing sick people to give birth to their children.

There are many thoughts upon this controversial topic. However, it is up to you to choose the side: if you think, it is unethical or, visa verse, you go for it – it is no one’s, but only your choice.

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