Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Here are some useful tips on how to get the most out of the knowledge we get in college. Hopefully, some of them can help you as well!


Find a student from the group that you would feel most comfortable to work with and suggest him/her that you study together. Being able to discuss questions together and explain each other some key points will help you to learn the needed materials and successfully pass the tests.

Understand the material

Even if you are taking a course that is not related to your major, you still need to get a good grade. The most important thing is not to memorize everything but to understand the concept of the course and be able to use that material. The goal is to get the main idea and then build off the supporting information around it.

Dealing with loads of information

Of course, it is extremely difficult to write down all the information during the lectures. You can use different techniques of taking notes (shorten the words, draw pictures, etc.). What I found useful is using a recorder and writing down the most important ideas. In this way, you will be able to skim read all the information once again and add the information that you have missed.

Apply the information in everyday situations and use your imagination

The best way to understand and remember information is to apply it to your everyday life. Try to think of any situation where the things that you have learnt could be useful. This way you will get the full use of that information.

Also, some people find it is easier to remember things by visualizing them. You can try creating pictures or concepts in your head that you would associate with the learned information. You can try that and, hey, maybe you have some hidden talents you have never known of J

Practice, practice, and practice

As I have already mentioned, it is much easier to remember the information by putting it to work. Try to use knowledge that you get from classes in your life – this is what college is for. Not all courses include practical assignments. Therefore, it is your responsibility to try to use the knowledge from that class. Professors provide you with the theory, but the theory fully depends on you! Give yourself a small task to start with and then go bigger and better!

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Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

However, don’t be afraid of repeatedly making the same mistakes. Refer to the mistakes you make as a chance to improve yourself and get better in what you are doing. Moreover, mistakes can give a good boost to your imagination when you need to fix them and move forward!

Do not be afraid of trying new things and making mistakes, because, all in all, this is what college is for: you try, you succeed, you sometimes fail, but you never give up!


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