Forgetting about Distractions

It does not matter whether you are a student or an employee, there are various obstacles that prevent you from working at maximum. If you think that spending a few minutes in social networks will cost you nothing, you are greatly mistaken. The recent study by Basex calculated that American business loses approximately 585$ billion annually due to such breaks. Thus, not to make your company waste money on your relaxing, here are a few hints to help you ignore the surrounding distractions.

Focusing on the Studies

Develop a Schedule

Recently, the Harvard experts conducted a research, where they found out that sticking to a stable routine lets your body adjust to the automatic behavior and simply forget about distractions. Moreover, you can synchronize your schedule with your Google calendar to remind yourself about the most important events.

Find a Perfect Position

Even though you may think that your room is appropriate for the learning or working process, you are perhaps an experienced coach potato. The amount of distractions that your room has is enormous – TV, literature, music, pets, household chores and others – this will not help you with studying/working process. Find a quiet place with an appropriate atmosphere to immerse yourself in work.

Hide the Gadgets

In the modern world of high technologies, very few people refuse to get benefit from the gadgets. All the notifications from friends, apps and games distract your attention and prevent you from working efficiently. In this case, it is more than advised to turn everything off, and silent mode is not a way out. Forget about online friends at least for the working time.

Establish Priorities

Usually, experts recommend creating a “To-do-list” for more productive working day. However, the research conducted by Fizzle Company concluded that if you make two lists, one is of high priority tasks and the other of casual tasks, your productivity will increase noticeably. Moreover, soon there can appear a third list, “Not-to-do-list”, that will include the things to avoid and will encourage you to work.

Use the Imagination

Some American schools have recently decided to replace all the computers with simple pencils and paper. This allows students to stop getting distracted with the services that computer can offer.

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Protect Yourself From Yourself

You may think that your willpower is strong enough to suppress the seducing call of entertainment services of your gadget. However, it is better not to challenge yourself while working with a computer. For this reason, there are a few blocking applications that will not allow you to access certain web-sites and use particular computer programs.

Learn to Say No

Sometimes the tasks you have can be so absorbing that you do not notice when the amount of assignments, meetings and related activities is beyond your capabilities. Here, it is advisable to start refusing from those activities which you think will bring you the least benefit.

Find Time for the Distractions

Working without breaks will not help you develop the productivity. It will on the contrary leave you powerless and not able to keep with the previous pace. Using various breaking techniques, like Pomodoro (5-minute break every 25 minutes), will let you achieve unbelievably effective results.


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