Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarship Applications

It is not easy for students to make the best scholarship application choice. Ask yourself the questions provided below to help yourself determine the scholarship that will satisfy your needs.

1. What is the maximum financial aid I can expect? Scholarship awards range from 100 dollars to more than 10 000 dollars per package. The most common financial aid amounts to 1 000 or 2 000 dollars.

2. Is the financial aid granted one time only and does it stipulate financial needs prerequisites? If you expect to obtain financial aid each year, consider applying to a different scholarship. Check this information by visiting the scholarship website.

3. How is the merit defined in terms of the scholarship program? Some financial aid programs require applicants to have certain overall grade, accomplishments and skills that are valued by scholarship committee.

4. Does the application necessitate a degree-granting program and full enrollment? Usually, the answer is yes. However, some programs may offer flexibility within these criteria.

5. What else eligibility demands are included in the scholarship program? For instance, some awards are given only to students that reside in a particular area, belong to certain social group or community, etc.

6. Are admission essay and letters of recommendations needed? Most applications require these documents, however, some scholarship awards don’t. In addition, there may be specific instructions regarding these parts of application.

7. Is an interview a part of application process? It is not a common requirement, so check on it while studying scholarship application demands.

8. What does the application process include? Check whether the program requires you to submit specific application form. Also, there are awards that do not necessitate applications, such as financial aid for best freshmen, etc.

9. What is the deadline for the application? Scholarships that start before an academic year usually offer six or nine months deadline. Check on this information beforehand to make sure there is enough time to prepare all the documents.

10. Are there any scholarships available in the local community? This is usually the first option considered by many future applicants because there are high chances to obtain these particular scholarships.

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11.Does the college you are applying for favor “outside” scholarships? This is a very important criterion for choosing a scholarship because not all colleges and universities welcome scholarships obtained from outside institutions. On the other hand, many educational institutions accept “outside” scholarships unless they do not exceed the total price of education. So, double check the college or university policy regarding “outside” financial aids.

Giving yourself answers to these questions will assist you in finding the best scholarship programs that guarantee high chances of success. In addition, it will save your time on prioritizing on the particular scholarship options that suit you the best.


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