Genetically Engineered Food

This article gives a detailed explanation of how to write a strong persuasive essay on the bioengineered food providing you with both theoretical and practical tips.

First of all, chose the issue that attracts and interests you. Our example will consider the problem of genetically engineered food. It makes all theoretical principles of how to write a persuasive essay vivid and clear. Thus, your first draft statement may look like a question: "Should we eat genetically modified food?"

Tip: topic should be up-to-date and familiar to you..

Part 1: Introduction

This chapter requires you to answer the draft question "Should we eat genetically modified food?" Depending on the answer, whether you are for or against buying bioengineered food, your main essay thesis statement will be different. It means, you have two statement options:

  • There is nothing strange about buying genetically modified food. I believe that it is safe and may become a good alternative to natural food.
  • We should not buy genetically engineered food because it is "artificial" and we cannot be sure about its safety.

Tip: Now, you have to prove the chosen statement in the following chapter. Therefore, be sure you have enough arguments to support your position.

Part 2: Main Body

This chapter may include various arguments. Usually, we use at least three different cases to explain our idea. However, you may also use fewer arguments if you analyze both pros and cons of the issue. For example, many good writers mention the opposite idea in the first place and then show that it is wrong, presenting own. Thus, it is one of the narrative strategies that help you to make your arguments in opposition to your critics' statements. However, another way to present your argumentation is to list them. Of course, all your arguments should be persuasive; however, there should also a weaker and stronger one among them. We highly recommend you begin with a weak one and finish with the most critical.

Your arguments may look like short paragraphs full of facts and research findings: 1) according to the numerous examinations and analyses, genetically modified food is not harmful to humans, and in some cases, prevents the occurrence of chronic illnesses. On the contrary, you may also provide some arguments based on own experience: 2) although scientists argue about the harmless effect of the genetically modified food, I feel better when I eat "natural" products from my granny's garden. It means that genetically modified food still has a negative impact on our health.

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Tip: use different types of argumentation. It will make your essay more attractive and powerful.

Part 3: Conclusion

Summarize your idea in this chapter inducing people to follow your position. Possible options: 1) do not be afraid of genetically modified food since there are no reasons to ban it; 2) pay attention to what you eat, keep fit, and say “No” to genetically modified food.

Tips: your conclusion should not be longer than 5-7 sentences.


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