How to Become a Good Teacher

The myth that teachers are born, not made, is very common around the world and confuses a lot of people by forming a false understanding of teaching at all. The major part of people who apply for jobs in schools has no idea about the main qualities and skills of good teachers. Despite their knowledge and experience, they often make numerous mistakes while teaching children. Many of them cannot even help students learn the basics.

Here is the story about the main aspects of teaching by a school teacher Deborah Ball.

Key to Success

Deborah Ball was working as an elementary school teacher when she realized that her students have not made any progress for several months. She made a conclusion that her teaching methods were not effective. Although she had always prepared greatly for each class and provided good examples for kids, they still could not remember the material.

Now, she is a university’s dean with a great reputation and credibility among students and professors. To succeed, she used to practice a lot and organized many open classes. The educators had many chances to watch her teaching children and get to know how to train the undergraduates in a proper way.

Furthermore, Deborah had a goal to create tight and warm relationships with her students. She has always been quick enough to pull all the classmates together.

Here are some of Deborah’s tips on improving the teaching performance.

Set up a Goal

If you want to become a good teacher, you should set yourself a certain goal. You have to clearly detect the reasons why you have chosen this profession, this certain subject, and the educational institution. Are you dreaming about involving children in the world of economics? Then take matters into your hands and make this dream come true.

Do not Wait for Quick Positive Feedback

Naturally, every teacher wants to get good remarks from his/her students to get motivated. But you should realize that it is often quite complicated to get praised especially if you have just obtained the position. All students are dreaming about creative and skillful teachers and interesting classes, therefore you should train every day, put every effort, and create something entertaining to make children interested and teach them at the same time.

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Take Risks

Do not be afraid of risks or any uncomfortable situations. Instead, do everything possible to become an initiative teacher, who can invent different methods for teaching and has something to share with other educators.

Moreover, if you would like to improve your teaching skills, you might probably have to change your schedule or methodology, explore reliable sources of information, etc.

Find a Mentor

Are you surprised? Teachers should have teachers, too. Although this is quite astonishing for many people, a big number of educators today apply to mentors for getting professional assistance. If you find yourself stuck and need some help, find a person with a big experience in training students and get some valuable pieces of advice.


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