How to Improve your Mastery in the Four Main Types of Essays

Most importantly, the process of writing essays should be fun for you. You should not get bored and disgusted when writing. An important aspect is to find out what you want to write about, which is actually a hard part. However, if you want to apply to college, you should definitely be aware of how to write different types of essays.

Here is the following classification:

1. Personal Statement

Most often, you will be expected to present your life story that impacted you the most (or has been central in the formation of your identity). So, this essay is a perfect opportunity for you to provide such facts about yourself that could not be revealed by the committee when looking through your resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.

The best approach to writing this kind of essay is not to repeat the same facts or information that the admission committee already knows about you. Just focus on some fundamental aspect of your life, which has probably shaped your outlook on life or broadened your experience.

2. Your Favorite Activity

The main aim of this essay is to acquaint others with your range of activities and passions and persuade the committee that you are a unique person that stands out from the crowd. So, carefully think what your interests are, what your favorite pastime is. Write about something that you like engaging yourself with the most. The right choice is to write about something you are passionate about.

3. Why have you chosen this particular school?

When writing this essay, you need to focus on two points: demonstrate your special interest in a particular college and prove that you will be a perfect fit for it.

You should paint a perfect picture of yourself, tell about you academic interests, hobbies, ways of self-improvement. Search for some clubs you’d like to join and explain why they appeal to you. You should definitely expound on your interests and focus on the specific areas of the research you would want to conduct, and explain how it might contribute to your experience or future career. Thus, it is very important to prove that you can make a valuable contribution to the college if admitted.

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4. Intellectual Development

You should narrate about your experience that has played a key role in your intellectual development. Besides, you should focus on your favorite subjects, attitude to studying, ability to work in a team or on some projects, ability to meet deadlines, etc.

I hope these tips will help you get admitted to the college of your dream. One more advice: apart from focusing on the intellectual development and bright academic life, do not forget just to have fun J


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