How to Make a Definition Essay Perfect

Learn how to turn your definition essay into a masterpiece and make your professor wow it by following our writing advice. Get to know more about the secrets of a proper format, a correct an outline, efficient structure, and striking topics of essays. Have a look at the best examples of definition essays to get inspired and motivated.

Definition Essay: What Is It?

It is less challenging to write a good definition essay if you understand what it is and what makes it special among other types of essays. So, a definition essay is a piece of writing focused on explaining what a certain term means. This analysis can be done either from the point of view of a single meaning or from the subjective position of a person who provides a definition.

It is important to take into account the classification of the terms to be defined into two large groups:

  • material terms – a computer, a tree, a chair, a boy.
  • non-material terms – love, affection, respect, ignorance, honor.

Secrets of Writing a Good Definition Essay

First of all, a well-written definition essay always has a strong thesis. It is considered to be good if it demonstrates the opinion of the author regarding the chosen term. In an average definition essay, the term is defined using the common explanations taken from the dictionaries. However, if you want to make your essay outstanding, your task is to add your own interpretation to a standard definition that anybody else can provide. What you have found in the dictionaries is only a starting point to a profound analysis of the meaning the term has.

Thus, you have to make a unique definition of the term! Do that professionally and effectively. Find a common definition and add your own vision and point of view to it to make it individual. No plagiarism is allowed! Define the term in your own words without any copy-pasting of the explanations you have found. Specify the meaning of the term to make analysis profound and comprehensible.

Outline of a Top-Notch Definition Essay

Make your essay well-planned and organized by preparing a good outline. The length of an essay may vary, depending on the requirements and specific character of the term to be defined. Some of the terms are easy and logical, while others require significant research to be conducted and the representation of their meaning can be done only after a time-consuming analysis. Whatever the term is, you are supposed to prepare an outline of the essay first.

Helpful Tips on How to Make Your Definition Essay Effective

  • Let the readers know which term you have chosen to define.
  • Make the information and examples you use specific and clear.
  • Make sure that you use a great variety of examples as they help the readers understand your opinion and vision.

Easy Steps to Success in Writing an Awesome Definition Essay

  • A good definition is not supposed to contain the answers to the questions ‘where’ or ‘when’. The definition of a verb is done with the help of verbs. If you define a noun, do it using nouns.
  • Never take the ready-made definitions from dictionaries. You are expected to do research and then present your own reflection over the term to reveal your unique opinion and point of view.
  • Do not use complicated structures and extremely complex vocabulary. Nothing is so valuable as simplicity and clarity in language.

Effective Structure: Format of a Definition Essay

What is a typical structure of a great definition essay? It contains a good thesis statement, bright examples that demonstrate the peculiar features of the meaning, and final restatement of the author’s opinion.

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1. Present a definition and do a profound analysis of the term on the basis of the following aspects:

  • functions
  • structure
  • analysis

2. It is important to specify all possible meanings, even if the viewpoint of the author is different.

3. Supporting the essay with a wide range of memorable examples is the key to success.

4. The appealing structure of a definition essay guarantees that the readers will read it to the very end.

Examples of Definition Essays

You can have a look at numerous examples of definition essays and learn the main rules of making the structure perfect. However, do not forget that you are supposed to submit an original paper without any copy-pasted information from any of the Internet or printed resources. Sound unique and take a look at the term from a new angle! That will make your essay excellent.


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