How to Make Friends in Your City

Changes … They are absorbing, emotional, and often unpredictable. Moving to another city will not leave your indifferent. It will for sure present many challenges. Is the following daily schedule well known to you: wake up, eat the breakfast cooked by Mum, dress yourself with clean clothes, go to school, study, come back from school, eat the lunch prepared by Granny, watch TV, do lessons, hang out with friends, spend money given by father, come back home, relax with music listening, fall asleep? If yes, then forget about this routine!

Starting independent life in a new city alters the ordinary rhythm of everyone’s life. Many responsibilities (routine, study, work) totally change school friendship habits, too. Most college and university bosom friends spend just a few hours per week together because they have different studying and work schedules. That is why it is important to have many friends to feel support and have company every day.

Check out the tips on how to make them in a relatively short time:

Be Open

Unfamiliar places and unknown people often cause the firm reaction of estrangement and single zone of comfort searching, but you should not give in. Do not stop getting new acquaintances and asking questions. Guys can be desperately busy, but soon some of them will surely find time to hang out with you. Be more open and do not hide your friendship intentions. There are many students who are eager to find new friends.

Say Yes

Making friends needs actions. You cannot get them sitting at home and watching TV. So, be ready to say “yes” to new invitations and offers. You should not be crazy about everything, but sometimes you should just make a company and stick with someone. Be ready to accept the community and it will give you its membership card.

Go to Places

There are no established places to make friends because they are everywhere. All you need to do is to look around. Bus stops, canteens, shops, parks, your ways home and back – you can find someone you see often just anywhere. Do not be shy to start a conversation. He/she can become your pal soon.

Do Things Alone

Do not wait for a company to do what you need. Be active, participate in clubs, attend meetings, live your life fully, and you will see people who need company. What is more, they will be more encouraged to start a conversation when you are alone. Soon you will feel how empowering it is.

Think Broader

Stop testing and selecting friends. The situation is different from the one that was at school. You don’t have to live together or spend all free time together. Accept other opinions and ways of life, and you will get even smarter.

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Routine life in the comfort zone is less stressful but rather dull. Do not be afraid to be open for changes around and inside yourself. They will unlock your potential and show you the variety of opportunities.


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