5 Budget Travel Tips You Haven

Travelling is a hobby of many people. It is not a surprise we want to explore new cities and new countries. Every trip gives us new experience, emotions, and feelings. Sometimes we travel by car, sometimes by plane. It doesn’t matter, you would think. Well, transport expenses always make a considerable sum of money. Then, you need to book a hotel. What to choose? Where you get an advice? What are the main tips to have less money-consuming trip?

Here is a short but useful list of handy tips for budget travelling that really work. Let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Make a call before booking online.

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Using Internet to book a hotel has become very common nowadays. It is easy, less time-consuming and less stressful. Besides, it is cheaper. Well, everything mentioned above is true. But have you tried calling to the hotel you are planning to stay in? You would ask why. It is simple. This way ou can get a way cheaper room. Moreover, you can talk to the manager and ask about a discount for special occasions. Say that you are celebrating an anniversary or birthday. I’m sure you will be offered something nice at reasonable prices.
The same goes with airline companies. Don’t be silly just to check online. Not every good offer is available online. Calling won’t take much of your time, but you will get a chance to compare the prices and choose the best one offered.

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2. Change your strategy.

There are two types of hotels. Some are business hotels, others are leisure hotels. Our advice is to choose the first ones during the weekend and the last ones for weekdays. This way you will be able to save money and enjoy less crowded place.
Another strategy is to travel during off-season. However, it depends on your preferences. Or you can choose shoulder season. The weather is still nice, fewer tourists are travelling, and the prices are lower.

3. Take a risk.

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Sometimes it is worth taking a risk, but don’t forget about your own safety. Some countries are not recommended visiting because of the probability of natural disasters or current political issues. I guess it doesn’t mean a thing if you are smart. Investigate the country and make sure everything is clear at your destination. Then, you can take this so-called risk. As a bonus, you have less crowded tourists’ attractions and sights.
Travel as much as you can whenever you have time and money. Every trip reveals your own skills and abilities. Isn’t it astonishing?
Friends, follow our tips and share your own tricky travelling strategies.


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