How to Wisely Spend Money While Travelling

Vacation time is one of the most exciting periods of the year, the only thought of which makes people smile. However, for some, the travel happiness is not long-lasting and ends as soon as they arrive home and estimate their recent expenditures. Be sure to follow these suggestions for your vacation smile to stay at least just a bit longer.

1.Be a student!

2.Try to benefit from being a student or pretend to be one, especially when travelling abroad. Get an ISIC (International Student Identity Card)! You’ll be surprised how many places are ready to offer lower prices for students. Currently, 130 countries have ISIC discounts, so don’t hesitate before making one for yourself. It’ll cost you around 15 US dollars. Ask for student discounts in places you eat, rest, or shop – there is always a significant chance you can get a sweeter deal, trust me.

3.Don’t overpay for your accommodation.

4.Think about that last vacation you had, when you spent long hours comparing the prices for already expensive hotels, trying to find the one that had a better Jacuzzi or a spa-salon for your other half. Well, guess what? You don’t really need that! The only quality time you spend at your hotel is when you are sleeping. Look for places that have a clean interior, fresh air, enough space, a comfortable bed, and a nice bathroom, and you will be thrilled to find out that everything else turns out to be unnecessary during your travel! AirBnB can be a great option as well. It allows you to rent rooms or flats, so you save both on accommodation and food (which I will talk about in the next paragraph). Pick carefully, read reviews, book, and you’re in for a great treat!

5.Travel smartly.

6.First and foremost, remember the economics of flight pricing. The closer it is to the travel date – the more expensive the tickets are. It is a simple truth that is very often neglected by travelers. Plan and book your tickets as early as possible. Try to also avoid peak seasons and plan trips in between – like in the first half of January, in September or after the April’s spring break. Second, use local public transportation or car apps like Uber or Lyft to move around! You will be surprised how much money it can save you. Third, use various apps for tracking spending not to overspend (e.g. Trail), messaging (e.g. WhatsApp) to avoid roaming costs, among others. Fourth, travel with other people. It can save you a lot on preparing food, splitting various costs. Plus, it is just much more fun!

7.Avoid exchange.

Last but not least, exchanging money is never a good idea. Just use an ATM once you arrive. Your bank will always have better rates.


Follow these tips, and let the vacation smile be with you round the clock!


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