How to Write a Perfect Essay

Tips on how to Write a Good Hook

Nowadays, more and more students are struggling to write their essays and academic papers. The primary and the most common issue is that they lack experience in how to handle it, especially when they have deadlines, final assignments, tests, etc. Therefore, our experts have analyzed and specified the most effective ways on how to start the A+ essay. This article aims to share some new knowledge of how to write a good hook, namely, the most popular and effective writing strategy all around the world.


First of all, we need to clarify what a good hook means and why it is so important to use it in our essays. Usually, we use the term “hook” for the first couple of sentences. It aims to engage more and more book lovers for further reading. Often, it looks like an ordinary introduction or preface. However, straight-A students know that your essay mark depends a lot on how well you can write a hook. Sometimes, your hook can completely change the perception of your paper. Therefore, today, we are talking about tips on how to write a good hook.

How to Start A+ Essay

Remember, there is no correct way to write a good hook, and it is incredible. Depending on the topic, author temper, and writing style, you may pick up or create your effective hook strategy. It means that according to the type of your essay, whether it is argumentative, narrative, scientific, analytical, etc. tips on how to write a good hook will vary. Therefore, we highly recommend you following this 4-step guide on how to start A+ essay.

  • Be sure to clarify the type and topic of your essay or paper. It will help you to understand what your target audience is and how to engage it. For example, for fairytale readers, it will not be attractive to read about some boring facts or statistic data.
  • Every single student has a unique writing style. Of course, stylistic devices, lexicon, size, and other things vary depending on the author and paper requirements. However, experts highly encourage you to follow the one-way writing style, which fits the best for the particular topic. Bearing in mind how to write a good hook means to find yourself and your path.
  • Finding out about your audience is the way how to start A+ essay. Nowadays, students should be flexible and broad-minded to define their target audience. Without knowledge of your readers, you cannot answer how to write a good hook. Hook strategy is highly efficient only if you know enough about your readers.
  • Although we give you some advice on how to write a good hook, we also highly encourage you to write a good outline of the essay. Do you question why? It will help you to highlight and underline the essential parts of your paper and of course, make it easier to focus on how to write a good hook for the particular essay type.

Below we provide you with three hook strategies on how to start A+ essay.

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This approach works because people love to read about life events. If it is possible due to your paper requirements, your hook may look like a brief deep and detailed description of the episode. Psychologists argue that it makes people feel more engaged and attractive.


Usually, we have exciting and controversial topics on difficult issues. People are often looking for answers to various questions, and you can answer them. Hook-advice approach includes presenting your results or thoughts at the beginning of the text.

Unexpected Facts

Some students like to use fact-hook to impress their readers and engage them. Usually, it can be a simple quote, number, data, picture, and so on. All these things make your essay or paper alive. We assure you that these are the best tips and approaches on how to write a good hook.

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