How to Write a Perfect Response Essay?

Now, it is becoming more and more popular to express our emotions and share our feelings with others. You may do it in various ways, and response essay is one of them. This type of writing activities gives you the unique opportunity to write your opinion on everything you have read, seen or heard. The structure is straightforward: you begin with the name of the discussed topic, and then proceed with writing about your thoughts and ideas concerning the topic. Let us see how it looks.

Step 1

Imagine that you want to write a response essay on Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind. Firstly, you should say the name of the author and story, year of publishing, note the general plot and main characters. It may look like, “Gone with the Wind, written by Margaret Mitchell, was published in 1936 and describes the life of the American woman Scarlett O'Hara through the view of American national history of the second half of the 19th century.”

Step 2

Express your feelings and show your attitude. Describe and discuss moments or scenes you liked the most. Add own thoughts and reflection on the central character actions, life story, etc. For instance, Scarlett is the unique example of bravery and courage. She fought for her love and dignity despite the disapproval of the society. She taught me that everything is possible, and there is nothing impossible. Everything depends on us. She motivated me. Recently, I had some troubles and I recollected this woman, and it helped me to cope with my problems. This book is worth reading!

Step 3

Try to find a global meaning of local things. Usually, the author attempts to show some significant problems through small things. For instance, Scarlett aims to break gender stereotypes. She is a strong, independent, and honest woman who faced and coped with all her problems by herself. Going to her target, she showed that she had the right to fight for happiness and could be even stronger than men. So, the main idea is that all people are equal and there should be no place for racism, sexism, etc. in our life.

Step 4

General impression. The last thing you should do is to summarize your opinion about the novel. For instance, the story is worth reading. It allows readers to realize that each of us has many various problems we face every day. However, our task is to learn how to cope with them and never give up. So, I think that this novel is a great one and it helps everyone to believe in themselves and become better.


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