How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

Process analysis essay is the type of an essay which gives a thorough explanation of how something works or how something is done. Process essay requires the writer to introduce and describe in details the necessary steps of the process that is being investigated. The steps should be presented in a logical order and there should be enough information in order to understand each step. All words, terms, and concepts which are unknown to the average reader should be identified and explained as well. The structure of the process analyses essay looks the following way:

    • The first part of the process analysis essay is an introduction, where you should present the process which you’re going to describe and explain why it is relevant, interesting or important. Sometimes it can be appropriate to include additional information such as history or background, but in many cases it is unnecessary. In most cases, it is advised to go directly to the point and provide the necessary information on each step of the process.

    • When you have introduced the process and explained its importance or relevance you should proceed to the next paragraph where you need to describe the resources, ingredients, equipment, and tools that are necessary for the completion of the process. For instance, if you’re writing how to prepare a pasta ingredients would be spaghetti, spices, cheese, tomatoes etc. In case some of the ingredients are difficult to find author should give advice on where to search for these ingredients. Important thing is to mention if there are dangerous stages of the process and how to keep safe and also to let the readers know what can go wrong or how potential mistakes can be avoided.
    • The following part of the analysis essay should be dedicated to outlining the process in a logical order. Make sure that your list of steps isn’t too long or isn’t too short. Make sure that it includes all the necessary parts of the process but isn’t burdened with stages that can be avoided. If you come across a difficult stage of the process maybe it would be appropriate to divide it into several points to clarify it in the way that everyone can understand. It is also important to use different transition words such as “then”, “after”, “next” etc. in order to make the flow of your essay smooth.
  • The final part of the process analysis essay should provide a general review of the investigated process.

Tips on Writing Process Analysis Essay


  • Begin with a brief introduction of your topic and outline the process.
  • Explain why the process is beneficial or useful.
  • Offer a real-life example of how this process can benefit the reader.

Main Body

  • Present the process in different paragraphs – one step for one paragraph.
  • Make smooth transitions between each step.
  • Present data with necessary details and descriptions.


  • Summarize the procedure without repeating the individual steps. Reinforce the main milestones and main points.
  • Give a description of the expected result.


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