Importance of Essay Writing

For many students, writing an essay is a very difficult task. It mostly happens because the student lacks time or does not possess quality research, writing and analytical skills. While today it has become much easier to search for the necessary material for your essay (compare sifting through hundreds of books at a library to a simple Google search), you still have to be able to choose only reliable information, assemble it, and create the flow while writing your essay. Few students can do this with minor efforts. But still, essay writing is one of the most important parts of your academic career. And even though you may think that it is a boring and useless activity, you will have to write essays while you are studying at an educational institution anyway. In this situation, you need to learn to see the bright side. Let us take a look at how essay writing can become useful for you!

Benefits of Essay Writing

Knowledge Embedment

You cannot retain all the knowledge only from listening to a lecture or reading a book. It has been proved that writing is the most important tool for achieving knowledge. If you only write down some facts from your textbook, you will memorize them much better. Needless to say, if you do not only write them down, but also analyze all the facts and figures taken from a number of sources, this knowledge will remain in your memory for much longer. And this is exactly what essay writing is about.

Intellectual Development

When you are writing an essay, you stimulate and develop your intelligence. If you do not like this type of assignment, take it as an exercise that will help you practice for an exam or contribute to your future career opportunities. Developing good writing skills will give you a benefit in many different fields in your future life.

Increase of Your Academic Score

Writing an essay will help you to develop and use your evaluation, analysis and critical thinking skills. Used in any field of study, these skills will bring you success and the highest marks. Of course, such a set of skills will prove to be important above your college life. You will need them in your career, as well as personal life, to avoid many mistakes and be successful.


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