Life after University: How to Get Your First ‘Real’ Job

Unfortunately, graduation is seldom associated with a guaranteed employment. You are not the only one looking for work. That is why it is very important to treat the period after graduating like the fight for your first serious job. Stop thinking that employers are waiting for you in eager anticipation, but be optimistic at the same time. If you organize the searches correctly and position yourself as a promising candidate, the results will exceed your expectations!

What are you looking for?

Don’t apply for any vacancy you see and don’t limit your searches only to a particular field. Take a sheet of paper and create a list of positions you may occupy. Make sure that you are interested in each of them. You are not going to start looking for a new job again in a few weeks, are you?

The right time for one more list!

As soon as you have all possible positions before your eyes, prepare one more list. This time you should enumerate all the skills you possess. Are there any interesting hobbies? Mention them as well. Think about anything that can prove you are an asset for every employer. Have you had any experience? Have you conducted any research which can be applied by the company you are willing to work for? List this too.

Interview day preparation

Being a perfect candidate does not mean you will be hired at once. You must be ready to answer the most unexpected questions you have ever heard. The employers may want to learn about your biggest weakness and where you imagine yourself in ten years. Even if you have no answer in mind, be confident and able to reply with some sense of humor. It is extremely important to be psychologically prepared for the interview.
Don’t forget to read about the organization which has invited you for the interview. You may be asked to explain your interest in the position.

Have you got any zest?

If you have passed dozens of interviews and still have no job, it is the sign you lack some zest. What makes you different? Return to your all-skills-list and check if you can add something. Recollect the situations which helped you gain those skills and knowledge. You might remember the people you worked with. Contact them to find out if they have any vacancies for you at the moment.

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Persistence as an advantage!

Don’t pay attention to the number of rejections you may receive. You must have not found the right place for you yet. Keep searching. Sometimes the companies expect you to add a cover letter to the resume. Check if yours is strong enough and address every employer individually.
Looking for a job is an art. You can follow traditional steps but is it enough for getting a position of your dream? Add some attractive details about yourself; specify the resume and cover letter. Stand out of the crowd and you will be welcomed to a starting point of your career growth!


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