Must-Know Vocabulary for Your CV or Job-Interview!

Despite the progress that the mankind has made since the beginning of time, basic instincts still determine human behavior. Antagonism plays a dominant role at each stage of human life, starting from childhood, when kids compete in games, until adulthood, when, for instance, two candidates run for the same job. Let’s leave games for children and concentrate on a serious topic instead.

With education becoming more accessible than ever, there is an avalanche of graduates, so a degree is no longer enough to pursue your dream job. What does it take to stand out from the crowd and convince the recruiter that you are the only right candidate for the position? Well, even if the job you are running for has nothing to do with marketing, you still have to be good at selling, because, basically, your task is to sell, or to put it mildly, to advertise yourself. Learn which words will make you look like the perfect candidate in the eyes of the employer!


  • Major. Use this word to tell about the field of study that you specialize in. You can say either “I majored in…” or “My major was…”
  • Graduate. Make sure you tell the employer about the place and date of your graduation.
  • Degree. Another way to tell about the educational background is to say “I have obtained a (master’s or bachelor’s) degree.”

Work Background

  • Experience. That’s probably the most important words the employer wants to hear from you. Saying “I have … years experience in…” will make it clear that you know how to apply obtained knowledge into practice.
  • Responsibilities. That’s another way of telling about the tasks you performed at your former job.
  • Internship/volunteering. If you have no actual work experience, tell about the relevant projects you took part in to make up for it.

Personal Qualities

Are you motivated, stress-/pressure-resistant, flexible, responsible, and goal-oriented? Do you possess excellent communication skills that make you an indispensable team-player? If so, tell them! This is just what recruiters want to hear. Surprisingly, in some cases, lack of experience or necessary qualifications is not the main thing that draws employers’ attention. Some of them even provide additional training courses to teach new-comers all the skills they need for work. Hence, it is important to show the recruiter that you are an avid learner ready to adjust to any circumstances.

A general piece of advice, either you are writing a CV or preparing for an interview, keep in mind that your text or speech should be formal. Needless to say, grammar mistakes will diminish your chances of getting the job, while using fancy vocabulary, on the contrary, is a plus. Do not be afraid to sound too smart as long as you can live up to your words once you are hired.


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