Reasons and Impacts of the Cold War

The Cold War can be defined as a global conflict between the Soviet Union on one side and the United States on the other. It was not only the conflict between these two influential countries but also between their respective allies. Even though it didn’t include any military actions or bloody battles between these two nations, the Cold War resulted in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Such actions as trading arms for hostages or selling weapons to the militaries in the Middle East also took place during this period. Consequently, we can observe the extensive effects of the Cold War even today. Despite the fact that the end of the Cold War was officially announced in the early nineties, its political, economic, cultural, and social impacts are still apparent worldwide. Thus, there are plenty of topics to base your essay or even research paper on.

Here is a useful list of the most successful topic ideas. Do not hesitate to take any of the following suggestions to create a good essay of your own.

    1. How did the Cold War influence the Vietnam War?
    1. Why did the Soviet Union feel threatened by the action of the United States?
    1. Are there any impacts of the Cold War on the citizens of North Korea?
    1. What actions of Russian politicians made the United States officials feel concerned?
    1. What is the Domino Theory? How is it connected to the Cold War?
    1. Who actually started the Cold War? Write an argumentative essay defending your position. Make sure you include solid facts and evidence to prove your point of view.
    1. What is the role of the Cold War in the Korean War?
    1. The most important events of the Cold War period that made the biggest changes in the history of feuding nations
    1. How did the Cold War change pop culture in the world throughout the decades?
    1. Was it actually Ronald Reagan’s credit for engineering the end of the Cold War?
    1. In what ways was the Cuban Revolution related to the Cold War?
    1. How did the Cold War impact on the situation that is currently happening in the Middle East?
    1. The nuclear arms race during the years of the Cold War in different countries
  1. Is it true that the destruction of the Berlin Wall put an end to the Cold War?

Choose one of these ideas and write a good essay in no time. Do not hesitate to modify these questions and prompts into the ones you need for your excellent essay.


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