Sample Thesis Writing of High School Level on the Syria Crisis

For quite a long time, news on the Syria crisis has dominated international media and has won the attention of millions of people. Besides, this problem has caused numerous debates among the politicians, as well as in public. Even when surfing the net, it is not hard to notice some news or notifications about the situation in Syria. So, why is it happening there?

Syria is situated in the western part of Asia and is mostly populated by Muslims. Besides, Syria is well known for its oil wells, which is the main cause why many countries are so interested in the Syrian territory. Actually, the recent Iraq War and the change of the regimes in Libya and Egypt are also the manifestations of violence and unrest in the region.

Many politicians as well as political critics have commented on the role of the economic powers in the region and the reasons that have led to the turmoil. The West has its interests in introducing some changes in the Syrian region, in particular aiming to carry out business operations for the continuous supply of oil, which is the most crucial natural resource in keeping other industries running.

The best option the Western counties can come up with is to use the ethnic divide in the region to their benefit and make the Syrian government set up the puppet regime, which will be totally controlled and manipulated by the West. Judging from the past historical events, countries from the Asian region are tailor-made for such a political scenario as they were the victims of dictatorial regimes in the past. The bright evidence of this political scenario is the displacement and execution of the former rulers Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Another political game is the ongoing political attack on the current President of Syria – Bashar al-Assad. The rebel forces within the country get regular supplies of small weapons, and thus they cause unrest and want to deprive Assad of his power.

While having a meeting with the public, Assad claimed that the rebels within the country are “puppets from the West.” Spokespersons and representatives of the USA and the EU have advised the President of Syria to take a step back and let the citizens install a popular regime. It remains to be seen what will happen next.


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