Scholarship: Ins and Outs

Tremendous expenses of studying in college are as well-known as an ultimate importance of higher education in our lives. You can pay for tuition, maintain the meal plan as well as room and board fees and buy expensive textbooks… Or you can learn ins and outs of the scholarship phenomenon and try your best as I have managed to do.

Kinds of Scholarships

The purposes of scholarships vary. Nonetheless, do not think in numbers, but rather select scholarships related to those disciplines and activities you are passionate about. Make sure to consider that students are expected not only to pay for education but also cover expenses for the educational process, which is targeted to provide you with the occupation of your dream and contribute to your success in future.

Looking for the Scholarship

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the scholarship application. Here are some of them:

• Websites dedicated to scholarship issues such as collegegreenlight.com or fastweb.com;

• Your current employer or employer of your parents’/relatives/friends who look for a competent young professional;

• A college’s financial aid office (keep in mind, scholarships are provided only for this college)

• Different religious and community organizations, (remember, you have more chances here since a pool of applicants is considerably smaller);

• Counselor’s office at your high school;

• Your state higher education agency;

• Local businesses in search for business prodigies;

• Organizations connected with your target area of activity (Google it – there are plenty of them).

Potential Applicants

Every pupil that is determined to attendcollege next year is a potential applicant. Hence, current college students and high school seniors are eligible for application. Nonetheless, do not forget that different scholarships may impose different eligibility requirements. Therefore, take your time and go over all the details.
The Best Time for Application is … Now!
Do not waste your time. Even in case the final date will be due in months, it is better to get a head start right now. To my mind, “scholarship season” aimed to acquire scholarship for the next academic year starts in late winter or early spring.


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