Six Habits to Acquire

As you know, the first impression lasts for long and at the same time it takes a moment to make it. Some people think that it’s the materialistic things that matter. However, the impression of your posh car or a big mansion will last for a few days as long as others remember about it, while your way of conduct, the manner of speaking, appearance, comments, and attitude will last in others’ memory for long. In this blog you will find a list of six basic things that will help you create a better impression on others.


People get really annoyed and frustrated when they need to wait for someone to turn up for the meeting. Therefore, it is vital to respect the time of others: if you have agreed on a meeting at a certain time, be so kind to come there on time. In case there are some unexpected matters or emergencies, it will be nice if you informed your friend/ colleague/ acquaintance that you will be late for some minutes. If you are always late, don’t expect other people to treat you seriously. As a rule, lateness plays a negative impression on your personality. Try to come to all meetings without delays.

Keeping Promises

You might have often noticed that many people break their promises. I doubt that you would hold a person in high esteem if he/ she weren’t keeping promises. So, if you are already sure before promising something that you will hardly ever do it, don’t hold such commitment. Practice what you preach.

Clarity in Communication

Weren’t you once inspired by some person who communicates his/ her messages clearly and speaks moderately in a calm tone? Yes, such speakers truly inspire: clear expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas, a calm voice … this list can go on and on. If you think that you’re not like that, don’t be despaired – this ability can be mastered. Besides, when talking with your interlocutor, remember to maintain eye contact as it will enable you to establish a rapport with the person you are speaking with faster.


When you are asked for a piece of advice or opinion, try to be honest. You need to realize that you should be the one who is trusted and relied on.

Helping Others

A helping and generous person always creates a positive impression on other people. Therefore, whenever you get a chance, try to help those who are in need: try volunteering or do some social work, fundraising or charity. Contribution to the general well-being of the society plays a big role in one’s self-development as well.

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Positive Outlook on Life

If you are positive, other people will be attracted and drawn to you because of your happy personality. Even if you have some obstacles or challenges on your way, turn them into an experience or a lesson. Maintain your inner balance in stressful situations. Do not let some circumstances gain control over you.

Do the people surrounding you have these traits? I bet that, if yes, you must have noticed them from the very beginning of your communication. If you think that you lack some of these characteristics, it’s never late to discover them.


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