The 10 Fatal Incidents in the Sports Careers

Sometimes promising sportsmen have to end their career because of unfortunate circumstances. So prepare for the most moving stories in the ten greatest sports careers ruined by injury.

10.Terrell Davis

He was one of the most successful members of NFL. Owing to Terrell Davis, his team participated in the Super Bowl. Eventually, he was granted the Super Bowl MVP twice. However, the knee injury led to a microscopic surgery and made Davis leave the big-time sport.

9.Brandon Roy

The scout J. Portland wanted to take control over the Western Conference with Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden, but injuries prevented this trio from becoming successful. With arthroscopic surgery on his left knee and a meniscus tear in his right knee, he quitted his NBA career.

8.Penny Hardaway

As soon as Penny Hardaway became involved in basketball, he instantly became successful. He was well on his way to the NBA Finals, until his first major injury. In spite of ailing knees, he continued to play as a serviceable player.

7.Sandy Koufax

This baseball player pitched so skillfully that it resulted in a six-year run of victories, three Cy Young awards, and five championship wins.  However, Koufax endured lots of pain while playing. Eventually, he got arthritis and was told that pitching could cost him his left arm.

6.Grant Hill

In Pistons, Hill took a leading position in scoring, rebounds, and assists three times. Grant was a real asset until he injured his ankle during the 2000 Playoffs. Being discouraged by the Pistons, Hill joined Orlando the following season. Due to his mismanaged injuries, he wasn’t able to recover completely.

5.Tony Conigliaro    

Tony was supposed to be best of the best. He is the youngest player to hit 100 home runs. In 1967, a pitch broke his jaw and seriously impaired his eye. Despite of several comebacks, Tony had to retire for good as his eyesight kept exacerbating.

4.Monica Seles

Seles won the French Open three times in a row. However, once she was stabbed between the shoulder blades by a Steffi Gran fan, her rival at the time. Although two years later, Seles won the 1996 Australian Open, she could not recover from this psychological trauma.

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3.Ralph Sampson

Ralph Sampson took the world of basketball by storm. Hakeem and Ralph, known as the Twin Towers, helped the Rockets get to the ’86 Finals. His career reached its apogee at that time. Later, he continuously suffered from knee and back problems.

2.Gale Sayers

This player was a living legend. Being a novice, he set NFL record 22 TDs. It is now a rookie record. At the age of 34, Sayers became a member of NFL Hall of Fame. After damaging his knees, he had to retire.

1.Maurice Stokes

Stokes was so gifted that Royals even gave up Russell because they had him – can you imagine that?! It all ended when Maurice injured his head while playing. As a result, he ended up with a seizure and went into a coma. Stokes remained paralyzed afterwards.

So many promising careers were ruined by unfortunate incidents. Who knows, maybe these players were destined to become successful in the fields other than sport. Some built a family, others taught the new generation of sportsmen, but their contribution to sports cannot be overestimated.


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