Tips on how to Write a Research Proposal

Generally, a research proposal denotes designing a piece of academic writing that justifies the research topic of your study. In other words, it is a shortened version of the very thesis that enlists the core points of your research area. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the word “brief” does not mean that you just write the synopsis of the future paper.

The main purpose of research proposal writing is to pinpoint that the issues you suggest for discussion are significant and worth attention. Besides, it is vital to highlight that the outcomes of the research will bear importance. When you write a research proposal, you also indicate the methodology of the research and argumentation of why it is the most appropriate. It is also fundamental to prove that other researchers before have not yet covered your perspective of the research study and that you have some novelty and originality of research. In case it has been addressed to some extent, you need to show what aspects have been omitted. The end aim of the proposal is to convince people that your research is worth attention and that it will contribute to the field of research you specialize in.

Depending on the academic level and the area of research, proposals differ in structure, organization, and the level of sophistication. When writing some proposals, you are required to merely write a 3-5 page long overview of the future research. On the other hand, you might be required to submit a 20-30 page proposal outlining the most specific details concerning the research.

Regardless of the paper length, a proposal should contain such constituents:

  • Paper aims and objectives;
  • The significance of your project;
  • Contribution to the field of research you are writing the paper in;
  • A brief overview of the previous studies (what has been done and what has been omitted);
  • Methodology;
  • Expected outcomes and the significance of the future study overall.

As you are writing a proposal for the research paper, keep in mind that you should not only adjust it to the general specifics and requirements associated with the research area but also to certain expectations of your professor or research committee. When writing a research paper, students often get a list of requirements concerning content, formatting, and the overall style of writing, so take it into consideration when preparing the proposal.

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Remember that regardless of the fact how appealing or interesting your topic is, the research proposal won’t be positively approved if it not properly organized. Therefore, ensure that the paper is written in accordance with the requirements. Make sure that you have a title page containing requested information according to the style and requirements if your institutional affiliation. Also, provide a properly structured abstract. Further, thoroughly work on the introduction and properly introduce the background information to the topic. Finish the introductory section with a strong and clear thesis statement, where you put forward the core argument/ claim that you plan to prove.


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