To Be or Not to Be a Freelancer?

Whether to apply for an office position or to become a freelancer is definitely up to you. Both these options have advantages and disadvantages, so you should make a choice depending on your personal preferences and character.

Social Security

Being a full-time employee makes you eligible for using many social benefits such as insurance provision, opportunity to receive financial assistance once you are on parental leave, as well as guaranteed pension. In addition, you can participate in training programmes conducted by your company or go on a paid business trip. Working as a freelancer, on the other hand, means that you have to care about everything by yourself. If you feel self-dependant enough and it is not a problem for you to arrange all the services, then you will enjoy being a freelancer.

Regular Income

Steady income is one of the most obvious benefits of working for someone. An opportunity to receive regular remuneration and be sure in your future is something that sounds very attractive to a lot of people who can’t make a decision regarding their job. However, being self-employed is also not that bad, even though it can never bring you a steady income. The most important thing is that as a freelancer you are not bound to one employer, and you can always have many customers so that if one of them is not willing to cooperate, you’ll find another one with no fear of being fired.

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Building Communication Ties

By being a company worker, you have an opportunity to become a part of a team. Constant socializing and shared challenge managing can help to establish good relationships with people or even to make friendship, whereas freelancers are usually alone. It doesn’t mean that you won’t communicate with people at all; it just means that it would be a bit harder to become closer with them. Both ways can work for you depending on your character. If you enjoy working with people, freelancing is not an ideal option for you. However, if you prefer solitude and find working on you own more attractive, don’t hesitate to become self-employed.

How to Get Things Done?

When being an office worker, you always feel a strong responsibility to fulfill all your duties in a proper way. You just know that once you show that you are reliable and hard-working, there will be a chance of receiving additional bonuses and get promoted. On the other hand, displaying low effectiveness can result in leader’s dissatisfaction with you and eventually lead to dismissal. When you work as a freelancer, you are your own boss and, consequently, there is no one else who can motivate you to do your job well.

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Regardless of which job you decide to do, you will encounter both challenges and rewards, so the only thing that matters is that you follow your heart.

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