Top 12 Great Freelance Opportunities for Writers

For freelancers, having their own client base is much better than searching for the available opportunities and job listings all over the Internet. However, for those who are just building their client base, having access to the sources of quality jobs is essential. That’s why I have created this list, which includes 12 great freelance opportunities for writers.

  • Educational Writers Association. Anyone can access this website and get access to many writing jobs for freelancers. It is more likely that you will see the listings more often than full-time jobs.
  • Education Writing Blog. Every Friday, Education Writing Blog lists for the education market. In most cases, it offers telecommuting jobs. Nevertheless, you can sometimes find worthwhile full-time positions here.
  • Graduate School of Journalism in Berkeley. By visiting this website, you can find occasional telecommuting jobs. However, it’s not the most valuable part of this resource. Go to “more job hunting help” in the menu on the right side to get the quality data.
  • Gawker Jobs. Even though most job opportunities offered on Gawker Jobs are location-specific, sometimes you can find good freelance writing jobs there.
  • Absolute Write Board-Jobs Thread. Sign up for the main bulletin board to have access to the jobs thread. This thread includes the offers from both individuals and major hiring companies. Make sure that you study the details of the job offer thoroughly before making a decision to take jobs posted there.
  • Nimble Mind. This company is specialized in delivering classes online, so if you feel that you have enough knowledge and skills (in editing, writing etc.) to get paid for sharing it with someone, you can become an instructor at NimbleMind. Of course you have to share your income with them, but on the other hand, they provide you the tools for making good money. Why not try?
  • ASBPE. Most of the time it hires the editors for trade magazines, but sometimes they’re looking for freelancers also. Monitor their website in order not to miss these opportunities.
  • Dice.com. The primary focus of this site is tech jobs; however, writing is an important aspect of many tech jobs. From technical manuals to SEO, a lot of interesting freelance gigs can be found there.
  • ProEdit. Just like the name suggests, this resource is all about different writing and editing jobs. They have full-time, part-time, contract and permanent job offers.
  • Poets & Writers Magazine Job Listings. This resource mostly offers unpaid internships and academic positions, but if you follow it scrupulously on a daily basis, you will definitely find some attractive freelance opportunities there.
  • SkyWord. Among all the cheap work offers available on Skyword, you can also find some big companies, such as Pampers, to work for. When choosing offers on Skyword, carefully verify upfront per article payment.
  • Freelance Job Openings. That’s a cool resource because it only shows you the jobs in your area and accepts ads for paying jobs, which have the pay rate listed in the ad.


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