Top 7 Things to Do During the Long Weekend

Long weekends are excellent time to take a break from all the duties that you have at college. The question is how to spend this time in the most productive manner? Here are top 7 things that you can do during the long weekend:

Implement 1-1-1 Plan

You can use each day for different types of activities. For instance, use the first day for personal stuff like going to the store, exercising, doing laundry, or reading. Spend the second day for fun stuff and socializing with friends. Continue your leisure time spending the third day doing your homework. The best thing about 1-1-1 Plan is that you don’t feel guilty while doing the fun stuff because you know that not-so-fun things that you need to do are already scheduled.

Do Something Outside the Campus

You can spend a romantic weekend with your beloved one, take a road trip with your fellows, take part in a silent retreat, or do many other things. You’ll be surprised by how energized you will become by radically changing your activity and surroundings from studying and campus to something different.

Get Ready for the Graduate School Exams

If you don’t feel like taking a break from studies, then the best thing you can do is to get ready for the graduate school exams. Take your time to develop a study plan for the tests and start embodying it.

Boost Your Academics

Here is another option for those who aren’t tired of studying and want to enhance their academic results. You can use a long weekend to get ahead in your studies. Think about the areas and subjects where you’re underperforming and dedicate extra time to them. It’s much better than being constantly stressed about these problematic areas.

Earn Some Money

Long weekends are usually used by the retail shops to organize big sales. In case you’re working in a big retail shop, you can ask for extra hours and in case you’re not, you can think about applying for the temporary position. You can also browse freelance websites for short-term projects and find something interesting there. The third option is to look in your closet, identify what you can sell and use online services to get rid of it.

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Think about Your Future

How often do you hear your parents’ voice in your head? “What are your next steps after graduation?” “Have you thought about your future?” Use your free time and try to answer these questions. Of course, they’re not the easiest ones, but they definitely need to be sorted out. You can consider thinking about both short-term and long-term options.

Create a Resume and a Cover Letter

No matter what your plans for the summer are, you will definitely need a resume because when you have one, you can apply for internships, short-time jobs, or think about studying abroad. Put your resume together following the top online tips and find someone who can proofread it and give recommendations on how to improve it.

Whether you use your long weekend for recreation or for studies, make sure that this is what you really want to do at this moment. Otherwise, you won’t be able to relax and will simply waste your time.


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