Top 8 Things to Include into Your Summer Bucket List

Writing essays, preparing for tests, doing notes, getting ready for classes… you don’t have to do any of these things while you’re on your summer break. And in case you’re not working during the summer, you definitely need to make a summer bucket list so that you don’t miss any of the precious and limited time that you have before the next academic year begins. I have created my summer bucket list and I hope that you can also benefit from it.

Visit the Pool

There are not so many things that are more appropriate for a summer break than going to the pool. And it makes the most sense if you can’t go to the ocean or have a proper rest at sea.

Plan a Trip

You can travel across your own country or go abroad. You can travel alone, with your family or friends, or with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Trips like this need to be planned in advance, otherwise you may end up spending more money and visiting less places than you wanted to.

Hang out with Your Friend

Is there a better period to spend time with your friends than summer? Finally you’re together not because of your assignments, but just for fun! Don’t miss this opportunity this summer, because time flies really fast.

Organize a Movie Marathon

You’re into Disney, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC or something completely different. Call your like-minded friends and watch your favorite series together.

Make Pictures and Post Them

Especially if you’re travelling extensively have huge family and lots of friends. I am sure that they would like to find out about your life and as we do know – it is better to see something/somebody once than to hear plenty of times.

Watch Family Movies Together With Your Family

Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Hugo, Toy Story or any other great family movie. Gather your family for a couple of evenings to watch the best family movies together.

Sleep enough

During the academic year, especially before the tests, students get really exhausted. A summer break is a perfect opportunity to sleep as much as you want and recover your energy.

Create a Recipe Book Together With Your Mother

My mother cooks really well and her recipe book got really old, so personally for me, creating a recipe book was a really great idea. I’m glad we did it because her old recipe book was really worn out, almost falling apart and now she has a new beautiful book with wooden cover that will probably serve her much longer than the previous one. Maybe, this piece of advice won’t be relevant to you. In this case you may think of something that your mother or father or other family members need and help them to achieve it.

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You can also engage in reading books, meditating, or getting better at your favorite hobby. Just don’t procrastinate and let summer pass by unnoticed. Have a good and meaningful summer full of bright and unforgettable memories!


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