Traveling: Cheap and Beautiful

Do you believe that traveling can be awesome and cheap? Neither did I, but after my experience in several great countries with the minimal budget I changed my mind, and now, would like to share this knowledge with you! Do not hesitate, just read the article and enjoy =)


Yes, this country if interesting, exotic and comparatively rather cheap. You should definitely visit Riviera Maya, this place is incredible! Playa del Carmen is another outstanding and fabulous area you should never miss once you are there! It has stunningly gorgeous white beaches that make a local fairy tale, and Caribbean water that is crystal clear and has no analogues in the area.

I also recommend Zihuatanejo. If you feel like shopping, dining and nightlife, go to Ixtapa which is very close to Zihuatanejo. Travel during off-peak times – you will enjoy low prices and more space.

Costa Rica

This country is small but incredibly popular in Central America. It is a paradise for those who love nature and relaxation. You can have it all here:  mountains, forests, streams, volcanoes, lakes, jungles, awesome beaches and fantastic throngs of tropical wildlife species you will never forget. There is no wonder that one of the happiest nations in the whole world lives here =)


Haven’t heard? Do not eve google – just start packing and go there to enjoy this amazing sub-tropical country! It is one of the cheapest spots you can add to your travel list! There is beautiful nature, slow pace of life for relaxation, and affordability – all of these aspects matter.

The Caribbean waters that flow here are very warm and gentle during the summer season. There is a striking diversity of entertainment, so do not lose your chance!


Have you ever heard anything about Vancouver? I do consider it to be one of the most amazing and nice cities in the whole world! It has a comfortable climate. You will also enjoy a breathtaking view formed by the ocean and closely situated mountains. It is absolutely spectacular! You can choose either to enjoy it in a relaxing way, or to explore the area – it is fantastic, believe me =)


This is an optimal choice. Cheap and nice, interesting and affordable. Be sure to take care of your safety here – since the country is a bit wild for us. The must-see locations include Phnom Penh, Bayon Temple situated at Angkor Thom, and… anything you would like to visit since each spot has its history and charisma.

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It is definitely an exciting option for the tourists. You will taste delicious food and enjoy spectacular views – and all this without spending a fortune over several days!

There are also many other traveling spots worth seeing and requiring minimal financial expenses. Choose the one for you – and the next day will be vivid, extraordinary and indeed happy! Enjoy =)


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