Two Best Ways to Choose an Essay Topic

In an ideal world, students compose essays to develop their writing skills or just to have fun. In the real world, you probably won’t meet anyone like this. Even those who like writing rarely have time for some extra work and even if they have time, they’d probably choose to write blog posts or stories rather than essays. Most of the time people write essays when they are told to do so during their academic years. Teacher or professor gives an assignment and the student should complete it within a given time frame. However, sometimes students have to choose topics for essays on their own. For most people, it’s a blessing because they can finally write about something they care about. For others, it may be a difficult task because they’d rather get a topic than select one. So, how should a student choose a topic? You can go with these basic options:

First Option

Focus on the topic that you’re really passionate about. In case you don’t know what your sphere of interest is, think what activity, people, or events make your heart beat faster and brings vitality to your life. This list will be the list of things you’re curious about.


  • Fast start. In case you know your subject well, it’s much easier to start writing. You become engaged in your topic once you open the blank page.
  • Profound knowledge. If you start writing about something that you’re passionate about, then you’ll probably have a lot to tell. You know various and sundry points of view and you’re aware of what other people may think about it. It means that you will spend less time researching.


  • Retrogression. If you’re an expert in the topic that you have selected, then you won’t make research and discover new information. And if you constantly choose the topics that you’re good at, then you stop reading new information which would mean stagnation and in the worst cases may even lead to degradation.
  • No specific course. If you have a lot of things in your mind, it might be difficult to keep the course of your essay. And essays that aren’t focused on the central idea that they’re supposed to highlight are bad.

Second Option

Compose the list of the things that you can’t stand – everything that genuinely makes you feel frustrated and anxious.


  • Opens your mind. Even though the list which you will come up with will consists of things that you can’t stand, you can actually benefit from writing about these topics. Maybe your point of view is outdated – give this topic a chance and what you will definitely get is the increased versatility of your personality.
  • A way to taste something new. Everything that we love doing becomes boring with the passage of time. Why don’t you try something else?


  • No motivation. It’s not for the weak-minded people, because if you hate something, it’s really difficult to force yourself to write about it.
  • Time-consuming. It takes a lot of time to explore a new topic.

Now you know about two ways of choosing the essay topics. Pick the one you like the most!


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