Types of Essays: It’s High Time to Clarify Everything

Excellent results in academic performance highly depend on student’s mastery of writing different kinds of essays, which are part and parcel of many courses in school, college or university. One of the key aspects of writing a paper is to choose the type of essay correctly and then carefully follow the required structure. Thus, it is crucial for students to differentiate the peculiarities of each essay.

Four Main Types of Essay Writing

The type of essay depends on what the writer’s goal is: narrate about some experience, describe something, provide reasons for something, provide an argument or convince the reader of his/her opinion. Therefore, the main types of essays are:

Narrative Essays

This type of essay is used when the writer plans to narrate about some experience. Although the task may seem to be a piece of cake, it is really important to ensure that the essay is on-the-topic and appealing to the reader. The first-person use (“I”) helps the reader perceive the story and be engaged in all events narrated.

Descriptive Essays

This essay can be compared to painting a picture but with words. However, the main aim is not just to describe a person/building/nature, etc. but to convey some hidden meaning through it. A writer should use figurative language, vividly describe all details and emotions, in other words, paint a colorful picture in readers’ minds.

Expository Essays

Unlike the previous two kinds of essays, this one deals with facts and topic analysis. The main aim of this piece of writing is to inform: the writer may define or explain some issue, provide supporting data (statistics, facts, and other examples). Expository essays are divided into such subcategories as cause and effect, comparison and contrast, process, and “how to” essays. Writers should remember that they shouldn’t use the first person or disclose their emotional feelings.

Persuasive Essays

The main aim of writing this essay is to convince the reader to take the writer’s side. You should provide solid data: facts, statistics, and other examples in order to make the reader accept your viewpoint. Thus, the writer should develop the argument in the most logical and coherent way.

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