Writing a Proposal Comprises

The present article dwells on five core steps of the process of proposal writing. Constructive theory and recurrent practice is all you need to complete a winning proposal.

Step 1. Solid Introduction Is a Smart Start

Captivation of the attention of the target audience is the major task of the first sentences. Potential practical application of a proposal is a core aspect to highlight in introduction. First, present the problem. Second, provide relevant background data. Third, announce the proposal’s objective. Be confident and rely on facts, not on a personal belief.

Step 2. Assertion Is a Key

The next step is the development of body paragraphs. This is a stage where assertion of the thematic issue is required. Clear and sufficient explanations are recommended if you assume that the target audience has superficial knowledge about the topic selected. Background, developments, current situation and future consequences should all be presented in body paragraphs of the proposal.

The topicality of the issue should also be underlined so that to validate the potential use and value of the proposed study. It is also appropriate to illustrate the expected influence of the discussed problem on the target audience provided responses or at least constructive alternative solutions are offered. All the claims and factual data are to rely on credible sources.

Step 3. Provide Solutions

Provision of a solution is the ultimately valuable part of the whole proposal. It is necessary to present the strategy developed to deal with the issue as well as the reasons for which the given approach has been chosen. The potential results should also be included.

The following aspects should be taken in consideration while writing:

  • Demonstrate a broad impact enclosed in the viewpoints of the proposal.
  • Do not expect that each statement in proposal will be taken for granted. Present reasons to engage in as well as the potential of doing so. Talk about the advantages and strengths of the selected path. Proposal should present confidence, and every part of it is an element of the persuasion mosaic. Once the proposal is read, the readers should understand how your initiative will change the problem, and how this may impact them. Be precise and do not make generalizations.
  • A comprehensive research is an excellent background to rely on. Use plenty of credible and up-to-date resources. Be consistent in the course of claims and arguments. Most of all, make sure you do not employ personal beliefs in the proposal.

Step 4. There Are some Extras

Remember that a proposal is a particular kind of investment. Therefore, you should demonstrate to the readers that this one is safe and potentially efficient. For this purpose, present the audience with precise and transparent details about both the calendar and the financial plan.

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Step 5. The Final Step

Conclusion ought to be a reflection of the introduction and a brief summary of the core elements of the proposal. Conclusion is a place to sum up and make highlights. Finally, be grateful for readers’ time and interest.


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