Why People Don’t Take Advice?

Have you ever counted how many times you’ve taken someone’s advice? People may listen and even agree with a valuable piece of advice, but why do they tend not to make use of it? Even if it is a precious piece, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be adhered to. Let’s try to figure out what the reasons are why people don’t take advice.

Your Perception of Reality Is Different

Your perception of the reality and of the whole world is only yours, and no one else’s. No one can perceive the world the same way as you do. You may not accept the assistance of your parents and friends, so why should you listen to the others? We live in the world of independent thinking and, of course, it’s absolutely normal to reject someone’s opinion, especially if they are people who aren’t related to your life.

The Unknown Scares You

Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t the easiest thing to do for sure, and the fear of the unknown discourages you. These fake boundaries make you fear everything new and unknown. Release your mind and get rid of the stereotypes you have. If we don’t listen to others, does it mean we don’t trust them? When you start trusting people around you, their advice will not seem frightening for you anymore.

You Avoid Responsibility

Everyone doesn’t like being responsible, it’s a common thing, don’t worry. Maybe it’s because you are trying to avoid responsibility, especially when it goes about your failures. A worthy piece of advice means that it helps you stop being afraid of the fiasco. The success of anything depends on you, remember that! If you are a responsible person, you will readily receive advice because you know that a good piece of advice is your helpful guide, not the cause of your failure. Maybe you just should get rid of your fears and become more responsible.

Classification of Advice Listeners

  • Negationists. These people are deeply convinced that their opinion is the only right one, and their opinion is above all; they criticize the thoughts of others. They ignore every kind of advice because even when they listen they don’t have an intention to agree, just to answer.
  • Contemplators. They may feel some guilt for not taking a well-intentioned piece of advice. They listen but only to hear another thought, even if it seems to them a meaningful one. Nothing will stop them from making their own decisions.
  • Percipients. These people readily receive and follow the advice given by others. They truly appreciate the authority of educators and treasure their priceless wisdom.

There is no doubt, not every piece of advice is worthy, some may misguide you, but how could you know whether they are useful or useless until you try them? Sometimes you may not adhere to someone’s advice not because you don’t want to agree with someone, but because you just see nothing and nobody at all. Maybe it means you’ve already made a decision or choice, you simply haven’t realized it yet.


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