Custom «Biblical Worldview» Sample Essay

Custom «Biblical Worldview» Sample Essay


Biblical worldview is the framework of beliefs that Christians use to interact with the representatives of other cultures and social classes and understand the world. Mankind, in relation to the Christian teaching, was created according to the image of God (Erickson, 2001). Thus, people resemble the Lord, and some particular qualities of the human nature permit God to manifest Himself in them. Not surprisingly, people have a conscious appreciation of being made in the likeness of God. No matter what vocation a person has, Christians ought to reflect the image of the Creator who lives in them. As for me, my profession is magistrate. Individuals working in the field are likely to affect the image of Lord due to various activities involved.

Kindness and Care

The mentioned sphere is interactive in nature, and thus, I have to give a true exhibition of the image of God. The Bible says that humans should cast all their anxieties on the Lord because He cares for them (1 Peter 5:7 King James Version). Following this principle, I will definitely not exploit my clients through overstating the charges made against them. I need to be caring to commensurate with Him. Since I was created in the image of God, I must resemble Him in my actions; as a consequence, I will care of the accused and charge them fairly without manipulation. In cases of fines and penalties, I will ensure that they are just.

Furthermore, kindness is a crucial virtue that characterizes the image of the Lord and is essential in my profession. As a result, I will demonstrate this quality in relation to the accused through proposing withdrawal of charges that demand the death penalty. Instead, I will try to make everything possible to substitute it by life imprisonment. Concerningthe prisoners that show significant changes and excellent conduct, it would be reasonable to propose to free them from the penitentiary. In Matthew 15:32, Jesus was kind to the people who had spent three days without food. Through His kindness, He performed a miracle and multiplied bread and fish and fed all of them until they were fully satisfied. Following this example, I will be kind to those people in prison and in need of freedom and make a gesture of making their lives easier.


Justice is another important Christian quality one should demonstrate. I will execute fair judgment to the guilty people and unearth the truth in every situation like God. Since I was made in His image, I will stay impartial while making the decision on the fate of the defendant despite other people’s opinion. In John 8:11, one can read about a woman who was taken to Jesus by the Pharisees. She was alleged to have committed adultery. The Lord issued a fair ruling on the case. In particular, the Pharisees’ accusations were based on the laws of Moses that stated that a woman found in the act of adultery had to be stoned. Jesus told them that whoever had no sin should throw the first stone. Since all of the accusers were sinners, they fled away.

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In Deuteronomy 32:4, it is stated that God is always fair, faithful, just and upright. In such a way, the Bible tells us about the nature and character of the Father. As a magistrate created in the image of God, I have the obligation of demonstrating the justice to the people to serve as a good representation of the Lord. I have the responsibility of emulating His behavior and principles. As a result, in various situations that might happen in the field, I will use the nature of God as the yardstick to evaluate my deeds and decisions.


In Deuteronomy 4:31, God is described as merciful, and as somebody who will not leave his people or destroy them. Being a magistrate, I will show mercy to both the offenders and the accusers in order to resemble His image. Those individuals who break the law might do wrong due to their character and other contributing factors like the influence of drugs. Thus, I will organize counseling on the benefits of living life away from crime. I will also implement the measures that can help the prisoners to rehabilitate and quit drugs.

Magistrates can save criminals from death. Through mercy, I will set free those offenders who take a step further and ask for forgiveness. Furthermore, I will reconsider the cases of orphans or the physically challenged. In Ephesians 2:4, it is stated that God enlightens humans’ lives with His mercy. It is further claimed that because of the Lord’s love and grace, He made us alive and saved our lives with Christ (Ephesian 2:4-5). It means that the Creator is able to help us in the most critical conditions. As a result, as I represent His image, I will be merciful towards the offenders of the law and attend to their needs. 

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Man was created in the image of God. It implies that those people who claim to love the Lord are supposed to love others. Humans differ from the rest of the creatures by their sanity. They are also characterized by the ability to abstract, make conscious decisions and demonstrate deliberation. Since I serve the image of God, in my vocation, I will love other people as I work with them because love epitomizes all the other good virtues that represent the Father. In every situation, one should parade God’s image and His likeness for the betterment of His creation (Collins, 2006).

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