Custom «Book Analysis» Sample Essay

Custom «Book Analysis» Sample Essay

First Journal: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

The various definitions of trash in this chapter give a clear view of what to expect in the whole book. The chapter, however, has a few mentions of films or the movie industry, which are the focus of the chapters that follow. It is not a good way of beginning this kind of writing, as it does not give the readers the ability to get a glimpse of what is to come. In my opinion, in the first chapter the author should have given a substantial description of films in African, the reasoning being that this chapter serves as an introduction to the book and as such it should not make the reader guess what to expect in the whole book. In chapter two, however, the author looks at how art and politics co-existed before the commencement of African film industry, especially Nollywood film productions. Politics took center stage in African art during that period, which affected the development of the movie industry greatly.

Second Journal: Chapter 3

By using Perry Henzel’s film together with Sembene Ousmane films, Harrow identifies the varieties of themes in film productions from the third world countries. In his many arguments about the themes that operate on the premises of prostitution, criminal activities and begging, he fails to acknowledge the struggle that these countries have undergone to be where they are today (Harrow 2009). It is true that the issue of social ills has been a major undoing of these countries. The reason as to why they were being emphasized was to create awareness so that all and sundry would avoid the practices. The primary aim of making films was to try to reach out to as many people as possible and spread the message without fear of victimization.

Third Journal: Chapter 4

The issue of capitalism is brought out in this chapter. The rich wish to continue being rich while exploiting the poor. In this essence, thepoor are getting poorer. The use of third world countries as a dumping site for toxic wastes is what the capitalists have banked on. The dumping of wastes in the third world countries gives a revelation in the practice that exists in human asylum in these countries (Harrow 2009). The issue of capitalism needs not to be criticized that much as it helps build economies of such countries. The money obtained in such ventures circulates in the economy and, therefore, lead to the creation of more jobs. The countries in which the wastes are dumped look lovely only in the beginning but would get worse with time. People live better in these countries now. However, the prolonged use of contaminated product affects the health of the user. Regulations should be put in place to reduce the effects, and clean products should be introduced.

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Fourth Journal: Chapter 5

Moral issues arise in this chapter concerning the developed countries using capitalism to dump waste in third world countries. It is not a good thing to save one’s life by destroying another. Capitalists take advantage of the miserable state of such countries to dump products that they do not need. The developed countries need to come up with clear measures in matters of waste disposal. In this manner, contaminated products would get their way into the third world markets. It is morally right to make profits while keeping in mind the health safety of other people. It would not help matters to accumulate wealth then ending up destroying humanity. One needs to think of where he/she will use the wealth when there are no people around to work for them.

Fifth Journal: Chapter 6

In this chapter, Harrow tries to convert trash into value. The issues of crime and prostitution as depicted earlier on by films are given a new life in this chapter. The reason as to why some women put themselves into such situations is to meet the basic needs of their families. The economic status off the third world is what pushes people into vices that are against the morals of humanity. By improving the economy and creating jobs at the same time, countries do a lot in terms of eliminating such vices.

Sixth Journal: Chapter 7

A gender perspective is elaborated further in this chapter. By using the phrases “trashy women” and “fallen men”, the author demonstrates that women engage in prostitution to cater to the needs of their families ((Harrow, 2013). On the other hand, men have been killed in incidences of crime. Due to the lack of jobs and opportunities by the respective governments, most young men have got into criminal activities in order to survive. In fact, the young men and women who engage in such activities need not to be criticized as it is the government and its political leaders who have failed them. The government needs to absorb all the grandaunts into its sectors as well as creating business opportunities for those who never made it to the higher institutions of learning. This way, the issues as illustrated in the films will not be there.

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Seventh Journal: Chapter 8

In this chapter, the issue of concern is treating people as trash. Harrow uses Kimberly’s works to demonstrate how families suffer from the impact of Hurricane Katrina (Harrow, 2013). When such disasters occur, it is right to have them treated with dignity. It was not their liking to be in such situations and such unfair treatment is inhumane. Respecting human life is an important thing. Not only does it help create a good environment for doing things, but it also helps people live in harmony. Another instance where people are as trash is in the Sahara desert. Migrants die in thousands each year as they try to cross the hot desert for greener pastures. What these migrants need to know is that they do not have to cross borders to be successful. They can make it in their countries if they have proper plans.

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