Custom «Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Wrong?» Sample Essay

Custom «Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Wrong?» Sample Essay



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Protection of the right for life is a relevant issue nowadays. All people must cherish and protect their own lives and those of others around them. Only the life, which has been preserved for the person, enables this person to pursue happiness and have the right for freedom of choice. However, people, who have serious diseases, in some cases, do not have the opportunity to pursue happiness, because they are in constant pain. Sometimes, when there are no other options to improve the situation, only death can stop the suffering. Here, the problem of committing a suicide appears.

Many researches have been conducted on the issue of life and health preservation in the recent years. It is extremely important to understand, whether medics have the right to help other people commit suicide depending on the situation. Richard Doerflinger claims that assisting a suicide is wrong, regardless the situation. In his opinion, if the suicide assistance is encouraged, the right for killing innocent people will expand, and this may lead to numerous deaths of innocent people. Encouraging suicide assistance may mislead people to follow the example, and t will be hard for them to understand where to stop. People will not be able to decide correctly where the assistance with suicide is necessary and justified, and where it must be prohibited. This may result in the situation when people would ask to help them in committing suicide just because of the insignificant problems in their life.

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On the contrary, researchers David T. Watts and Timothy Howell, claim that physician-assisted suicide can be rational, depending on the situation. According to Derek Humphry, people, who suffer from severe and unbearable pain, and have absolutely no chance to get rid of that pain, and to improve their health, and those who are going to die very soon from such diseases as cancer on the advanced state, can request for an assistance of a physician in their suicide. The physician-assisted suicide must take place only to help the person escape the unbearable pain, because of which the person is unable to feel happiness, and enjoy freedom.

I would object to Richard Doerflinger, that physicians do not have the right to help their patients with suicide, because, in my opinion, the person must have the right to be happy. If a person is unable to feel happiness, and enjoy life because of terrible pain he/she constantly experiences, theen the physician should have the right to help this person finish the pain, even if the only way is suicide. According to Richard Doerflinger, physicians, who agree to assist in suicide, will break the Hippocratic Oath they gave to achieve their license. Doerflinger would also say, that the physicians who assist in the suicide, take away the person’s right for life, an act, which they have no right to do. However, I would answer to the researcher, that physician’s main aim is to help people, and if a person cannot stand the pain, then the physician must help to end it in any possible way he/she can. Sometimes, helping to commit suicide is the only method of ending patient’s sufferings. However, the physician must analyze each specific situation, and decide whether such assistance is necessary.

To sum up, researchers have clashing views on the issue of physician’s assistance in the suicides of their patients. Some approve it with people, who suffer from unbearable pain, and some do not approve it. However, people who feel constant horrible pain which completely ruins their life, as well as those who are going to die soon no matter what, should have the right to stop their pain even before the natural death comes for them.


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