Custom «Strategies for Survival Precis» Sample Essay

Custom «Strategies for Survival Precis» Sample Essay

The author of the article explains and examinee why nations pursue power. The author indicates that there are several assumptions of the global system that drive great nations to vie with each other for strive and power for hegemony. However, the author clarifies that none of these assumptions can mandate that nations have competitively. On the other hand, the author indicates that if all the assumptions are taken together, a situation in which nations behave and think aggressively is bound to occur. In addition, the author illustrates that the assumption system encourages a nation to search for power opportunities against other nations (Mearsheim 69, 70).

I agree with that the author is saying because most great nations concentrate on the achievements of four major objectives. The objectives include maximizing their wealth, monopolizing nuclear power, dominating the power of the land, and seeking regional hegemony. Moreover, it is true that a nation maximizes its security by dominating the whole world. In addition, the world hegemony is unrealizable unless a nation achieves the superiority of the nuclear against its rivals. Moreover, it is hard for a nation to dominate the whole world because of the large bodies of the water that separate different nations (Mearsheim 70-3).

Secondly, it is believed that powerful states aim at increasing the level of the global wealth that they have control over. Many nations are concerned by the relative amount of wealth that they have because the basis of the military might is economic muscle. Practically, the author indicates that this means that powerful nations invest a high premium on maintaining a dynamic and a powerful economy. A powerful and dynamic economy is the most reliable means of achieving military advantage over opponents. Finally, it is believed that powerful nations aim at dominating the land power balance because it is the most effective means of increasing the nation’s share of its military might (Mearsheim 70-5).

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