Custom «Effective Communication in Business Environment» Sample Essay

Custom «Effective Communication in Business Environment» Sample Essay

The best communication experience I have ever had was on a visit to the bank; the receptionist used plain language that was understandable to all clients on the waiting bench. A forum was open for asking questions and making clarifications in areas not clearly understood by customers. The bank supervisor gave instructions to staff in a simple and clear manner, which was easy to understand. A written note followed every verbal communication and served the purpose of ensuring that information was delivered and understood effectively.

Written notes also acted as a reference in the instances where some instructions were forgotten or when making points of discussion.

That is how effective communication is achieved - through clear messages being conveyed to the recipient, which helps avoid confusion and lack of clarity that often leads to an execution of wrong instructions and mistakes in a business venture.

Characteristics of Effective Communication

 Presentation technique is important when passing information; the speaker should avoid wordiness and instead strive to pass more information using fewer words. A good presentation technique ensures clarity hence promoting its effectiveness. The recipient must be briefed adequately to have an idea of what the speaker is trying to put across and to foster easier understanding of the information given which akes the communication meaningful. Communication is considered effective when the information being passed is reliable to the recipient; if the information is unreliable, the whole process of communication becomes useless. The information being transferred is considered complete when its main parts required to be put across to the recipients are clearly brought out.

What is also important in effective communication is taking prospect in putting forward something of help or value to the receiver. One should also be careful while communicating the overtone as well as basic content of the message.

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Recipients must appreciate the purpose of the information put across.  It enables them to send proper feedback to the speaker thus indicating whether the information put across was efficient and clearly understood or not. A good choice of communication medium ensures that the speaker articulates messages in a clear and understandable way in line with the information delivered.

There are different mediums of communication, which may be used in a business environment.

For example, e-mails and memos can be used where the required information is short and urgent, while letters and notices can be used for long pieces of information that may be looked into with time. Correct choice of words also allows the speaker to articulate serious issues properly and any other issue in an amiicable manner.

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Impacts of Effective Communication

Effective communication has positive impacts on a business environment. First of all, efficient actions can be taken when attention is required. Effective communication guarantees that there is no communication breakdown, therefore, ensuring that no mistakes are done in the process of passing information. Secondly, time is not wasted because when communication breakdown occurs, people in operations have to stop and correct the mistake before resuming their work. Work input is encouraged through effective communication because open platforms are created between employers and employees thus building confidence in a business environment. When businesses undergo changes, effective communication ensures that staff and stakeholders are informed promptly and are able to adapt to such changes. Effective communication in a business environment creates good customer relations because there is understanding between its participants and the information is shared with confidence and no fear. Good communication creates an open platform for views to be put across by clients; thus, there is more freedom and confidentiality in handling issues. Effective communication creates understanding because it brings together people from different backgrounds in a business environment, therefore, eventually bringing benefits to the business due to cultural diversity among the employees strengthened by effective communication.

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