Custom «Ethan Allen Company» Sample Essay

Custom «Ethan Allen Company» Sample Essay

Interior design is something more than establishment and placement of objects in a room. It is the art and science of life arrangement. A real interior design aims to reveal the essence of its owner and fill every inch of space with sense and beauty. It is what the interior means.

Beauty and functionality are interchangeable characteristics of interior design. An architect-designer should pick up an optimal combination of these two components for a project. It is what Ethan Allen Company does flawlessly. To work in this corporation means not only an opportunity to create, but also a constant evolvement.

About Ethan Allen Company

The company known by the name Ethan Allen Interiors has existed over eighty-two years. The small organization, started as a housewares manufacturer, has become highly popular in the world industry of furniture and home furnishing. In 1936, two brothers-in-law, Nathan S. Ancell and Theodore Baumritter, bought a bankrupt furniture factory in Beecher Falls, in Vermont. They called it Ethan Allen Company in 1939 when its founders introduced their first collection of furniture to the world. This name belongs to a well-known leader of the Green Mountain Boys during the American Revolutionary War (“T. Baumritter, 94, furniture executive,” 1994). Despite the recent output on the world market, handcrafted furniture of this company is in high demand. Moreover, clients are interested in expanding the industry abroad.

The Company’s Purpose and Participation in the Community

Long-term reputation of high quality products and good service imposes certain obligations on the company and, especially, distinguishes it from the rest organizations. The firm is not an ordinary retailer of furniture. It represents one of unique mechanisms. Classic that combines handcrafted work, elegant performance, and unique design are a highly required product among consumers. Furniture of this company is in demand not because of its listed advantages. It is because the CEO knows what clients want. Their main goal is a permanent maintenance of high standards and an opportunity to offer its leading style in this industry.

The world changes, the demands increase. However, the furniture company does not lose its position in the global market, while striving for perfection (Santos Romeo, 2011). One of the ways to achieve this mission is the hiring some fresh and talented professionals to their team.

One should mention that it not an end. Ethan Allen Company is actively involved in the life of its community and the whole world. Dozens of awards show their recognition by several organizations for taking care of the environment. First, they have reduced the exploitation of fossil fuels to almost zero due to an increased use of wood chips and shavings. It has minimized filling the earth by waste. Second, exemplary ecologic management as the voluntary measures in order to improve living conditions around are also among the major achievements. Third, the organization does its best for minimizing air pollution and enhancing the development of energy savings (“Awards and honors,” 2015).

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Company Diversity

In spite of the fact that this large corporation follows a certain framework it highly values diversity. In the majority of design centers, a new collection is represented for clients through the latest technology. Inside there are vignettes that clearly reflect the diversity of products. Moreover, the center has several touch screens’ stations through which customers can watch shopping.

One of the major advantages distinguishing them from other retailers is a possibility to use the free service interior design in some centers of the company and white-glove home delivery. Ethan Allen is not just a popular manufacturer of quality products, but also a seller. It appreciates the diversity and quality. The organization reflects looking for new ways to satisfy its customers' needs and simplifying their lives. The use of advanced technology centers, free interior design service, an ability to come up with the personal design to the site using consultants, some experiments with color, and increasing productions – all of these indicate the devotion to clients.

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Currently, the number of employees is about five thousand people. Despite the fact that this corporation has entered the world market and the necessity in people should only increase, the HR department dispassionately liberates those being new to perform their duties. A striking example is the release of 238 workplaces at the factory in Vermont in 2009. Soon after the reduction, the plant completely stopped working (Santos Romeo, 2011).

However, twenty-six vacancies from around the world are available at the official website of the corporation. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to try such free to live and travel anywhere you may want to (“Interior Design Consultant Jobs with Ethan Allen”, 2015).

The Desired Job Title

The position of interior designer is probably one of the best opportunities to create and evolve as a person and professional. Undoubtedly, the corporation opens a new world of possibilities for young and talented people having a sense of style and willingness to indulge in the work with passion and enthusiasm.

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It is a wonderful feeling to realize that any ordinary person can change someone's life for  better. It does not matter whether it is just a merely interior design of some houses, cottages or offices. Moreover, this factor may play an important role in one's life as an opportunity to start over. What surrounds people affects them directly. Ethan Allen Company offers classic elegance that only triggers some other actions and changes.

The company is exactly a place for initiative and talented people. It is for those ones, who are able to see the world in bright colors.

Admired Traits for Hiring in the Company

Any company requires relevant skills in prospective employees. As for Ethan Allen Corporation, it is guided by ten key principles of leadership (Ethan Allen, 2015).

Each employee must work by the following set standards: leadership, accessibility, change, speed, client focus, hard work, excellence plus innovation, priorities, confidence, and justice.

Firstly, it is easy to become a leader. If a person has the desire and someone who noticed it encourages him/her, enabling self-realization, he/she can realize the potential. Secondly, one should not be afraid of changes. They are a key to new opportunities. Thirdly, it is equally important to be able to explain and present the material clearly. Working in a team involves cooperation and support of each other. Fourth, it is a competitive company that requires a quick reaction and execution of a plan. Fifth, the very first duty of every worker is to please a customer. Therefore, there is a recent possibility for clients to create their design online and consult with designers if it is necessary. Sixth, job in the investigated firm envisages a full kickback and ability to work hard. Seventh, the passion for creating something new and innovative stands in a high priority. Eighth, being no less important is an ability to determine what is more considerable to do first. Ninth, it is necessary to be always confident in actions in order to help others. Last, but not the least, justice builds confidence of any staff, while encouraging teamwork.

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It may seem that the required standards are hard for implementation. However, these principles have helped the small company become the large corporation. Nowadays it is being highly demanded. The organization has about 300 design centers around the world (Ethan Allen, 2015).

Communication with Colleagues, Superiors, and Customers

Advances in careers depend on a way how you establish contact with others as well as on your ability to express to them your suggestions. Business etiquette defines a relationship between superior and subordinates, between the employees within the institution, between employees and visitors. The relationship between superior and subordinates is highly determining the atmosphere in the team. There are several rules that a leader should perform if he/she wants a friendly atmosphere in a team to help in better and faster handling of assignments. Here are some necessary ethical standards and principles that can be used to communicate with a boss. It is important to help the leader to create a favorable atmosphere in the team. There is no need to impose a superior view or command him. 

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Employee relationship to each other should be extremely polite and correct. If the friendly atmosphere dominates in the team then mood rises, work goes fully flowing, and everything is executed much faster and easier. First, it is necessary to start chatting with greetings. These seemingly little things help to win. As a result, these issues assist in facilitating any further communication. It is necessary to consider colleagues as the persons and respect them. There is no need to require a counterpart for a special relationship or special privileges. It is better to try reaching a clear division of rights and responsibilities in the implementation of the overall work. Moreover, if someone at work makes mistakes, it is important to tell him/her tactfully. All failures should be explained and displayed in their work in a calm and businesslike manner.


It is a simple truth that a comfortable interior is necessary for life. The quality of interior design determines the quality of life. There a question appears whether people can live in the interior without design. For sure, the answer is No. Conventional attempts to fill the office space or home are considered as the interior design. Another question lies in the way how well people have been able to implement it without a project.

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Ethan Allen Company represents not only the interior of high quality and style for offices, apartments and houses, but also provides an opportunity for customers to make their masterpiece themselves. Moreover, this place always experiments and is open for everything what other retailers are afraid to do. Ethan Allen Corporation opens a door to new and talented professionals and provides them with the sufficient development. One may doubt whether there is anything better than the company being devoted to its work.

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